Discover all our tips and tricks to take care of your Chive plant and thus enjoy it for as long as possible!
Rule #1
La Motte de Ciboulette develops very well in sunny and semi-sunny areas.
Rule #2
The Chive Plant resists very well to the cold , so you can leave it on your balcony or window sill all year round!
Rule #3
Chives can be toxic to cats so be careful if you have one (or more)!
Rule #4
Cut the flowers as soon as they appear so as not to tire your Plant unnecessarily! Once a month, trim the sprigs to 5cm from the base to help your Plant regenerate and enjoy your Chives longer!
Rule #5
Do not hesitate to wait until the Motte is dry on the surface to water your plant again , the important thing is never to water the Plant too much because the bulb of the Chives is sensitive!