Liqueur à la Menthe Verte

Green Mint Liqueur

The Recipe Liqueur à la Mint Green Urban Cuisine is a perfect digestive whatever the season. A real treat !



  • 1 bouquet of fresh green mint
  • 1l of alcohol for fruit at 40 °
  • 1kg of sugar in pieces
  • 50cl of water
  • 1 tablespoon of mint syrup




  • Carefully wash the green mint leaves
  • Dry them and put them to macerate for a week in the liter of alcohol in a jar hermetically closing
  • Once this time has elapsed, filter everything
  • With sugar and water, prepare a light syrup
  • Let cool
  • Pour the syrup into alcohol
  • Color with mint syrup
  • Wash and boast the bottles
  • Let them drain well before pouring the liquor
  • Tast very fresh


Health !




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