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Sensory course: 7 experiences to live to find our 5 senses

Dirty, noisy, smelly ... The city does not always take care of our five senses. Yet, Sensory town planning is expanding, with an increasingly important consideration of the sensory perception in urban projects. Smell, taste, touch, view, hearing, we have selected for you Seven experiences and sensory routes, to reconnect with your sensations in the urban landscape.

1. RENOUR with his nose

Nantes, Bourges

The sense of sense of smell is not the most pampered in our daily lives. However, aromas and odors make back up childhood. They are the essence, the privacy of the city. Some have understood this, like Nantes, which offers a Olfactive guided tour entitled “The perfume of the city”. The city of Bourges, too, has set up a new family and playful visit, “Heritage in all directions”. She invites us to look, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch the heritage for the perceive.

2. Listen to the city sounds

Le Mans, Boulogne-Billancourt

Listen. You perceive the city ​​music ? Vibrations around you? In some cities, sound is popular. In Le Mans, the general public event "The sound mans"Combines Sciences and Culture around the discipline of acoustics. Every two years, he offers concerts, sound installations, performances, urban routes, wanderings, sensory activities. The city of Boulogne, Île-de-France, has set up a sound and illustrated course, “Travel in Industries”. A sensory space To dive into the heart of the architectural, industrial, social and urban history of Billancourt.

3. Fate with a tasting route

Paris, Rennes, Lyon

In city hearts and neighborhoods, our taste buds are not to be outdone. Gourmet markets, restaurants, street food ... more than ever, city dwellers want to to taste ! That's good, because more and more cities play the card of the taste visit, like Paris with the micro taste trips ofSaliva or Rennes and hisFood Mood walks. In Lyon, capital of gastronomyLyon Food Tours offers a program of five taste visits with a passionate local guide. The visit is punctuated by unusual anecdotes and Exceptional tastings. To discover !

The vegetable garden liv, a gift for your 5 senses

One of the missions of our interior vegetable garden is to offer you a return to nature et al'sensory awakening, directly at home. Observe, touch, feel, taste, bite ... Liv, that's all at the same time.

It is for this reason that we launched on ourInstagram there Unpublished video series Makes Sense (e). We offer to strangers to discover the vegetable garden through their five senses And to give us their first impressions. To view, to Share !

Five senses vegetable garden

4. Experience nudity (feet)

Pau, Muttersholtz, Rennes

HASPau, hasMuttersholtz in Alsace or nearReindeer, THE Barefoot course offer the possibility of reconnect in the sense of touch. On a soft, grainy, sticky, sticky, spicy, cold or hot floor, we experience the Material contact As varied as pebbles, shavings or clay. Barefoot hike is a Awakening activity which promotes motor skills. She stimulates sensory capacities Toddlers, but also people with disabilities. A good opportunity to develop your tactile meaning, feel, stimulate, have fun, observe ...

5. Shake your senses as a team

Angers, Brest, Lille, Nice, Perpignan…

Escape games and other collaborative games have developed at high speed in recent years. The projectSensas is inspired by this trend, with a sensory to live with family or friends. In more than 20 cities in France (Angers, Brest, Lille, Nice, Perpignan ...), but also in Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom, Sensas offers a sensory experience two -hour for play with the senses And the imagination of the participants. Laughter, stimulation and team spirit are there!

6. Dive into the heart of art

Paris, Bordeaux

THE Immersive exhibitions offer a new way of discovering art, between projections and sensory universe. Each month, many of theseunusual experiences And fun are to be discovered, especially in Paris. L'Atelier des Lumières, for example, has conquered its audience since 2018 with sound and visual journey Around the universe of an artist. In the region too, museums are full of ideas for Awaken our senses Faced with artistic creation. This is the case of the Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, which proposes to explore art through touch, with his quirky exhibition “Pray to touch”. To discover until January 7, 2024!

7. Discover the city poetically

On Tiktok and Instagram

The city is not as meaningless as it looks. For dreamers and poets, it can be a great Source of visual inspiration. It's the case for Roughly, who shares on Tiktok andInstagram The walks of his imagination. Here, he sees a statue, to whom he invents a life, there, a suitcase, whose trip he imagines. Short videos that enchant everyday life and give the city its creative power.

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