Le vrai/faux du Potager Connecté

The true/false of the Connected Vegetable Garden

With the vegetable vegetable patch, you can grow fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants indoors, with healthy and abundant harvests. An incredible promise, which can generate some received ideas! Our response to all shots, with this true/false of the connected vegetable patch.

Using a connected vegetable garden is not ecological.



The whole manufacturing chain of the Loter vegetable patch has been thought of while respecting the environment. Made in France, it is made up of sustainable and recyclable materials, including the compact laminate, made up of 65 % of renewable materials.


You collect fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs as close as possible to the place of production: in your place of life. The vegetable garden is a fine example of a short circuit, without intermediary and without packaging!


Culture clods, whose seeds are organic certified, are guaranteed without pesticides. They can be composted or repotted.

I can cultivate several plants at the same time in a connected vegetable garden.




With the Liv connected vegetable garden, you can grow 16 varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs simultaneously, among which: cherry tomato, mini carrot, large green basil, common chives, large seeds, cultivated coriander, giant winter spinach , Coupe, green mint, mini pepper, dill tetra gold, flat parsley, cayenne pepper, round radish, rosemary officinal, mini turnip, common thyme.

It's up to you the organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, to be harvested all year round!

The fruits and vegetables harvested in a connected vegetable garden do not taste those grown in our gardens.




Our goal, with the vegetable vegetable patch, was to find the flavors of yesteryear with fresh products cultivated at home. No more packed fruits and vegetables, transported before maturation, which have no taste on your plate! The varieties proposed in the LOI vegetable patch are organic and guaranteed without harmful chemical treatment. They contain 30 times more nutrients than in conventional agriculture.

A connected vegetable garden does not respect the cycle of nature.



Admittedly, the fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs of the poggin liv are not cultivated outdoors. However, as in nature, each variety respects its own cycle to grow, from the first shoots to the appearance of fruit.


Based on hydroponics, our culture system responds to the vagaries of traditional agriculture: uncertain weather, but also polluted soils. With their vegan substrate, their seeds and their biological nutrients, our crop cliggers are inspired by the best of nature.


Connected vegetable garden

An interior vegetable garden is a first step towards food autonomy.



The algorithm of the vegetable garden liv, designed by the best engineers and horticultural experts, guarantees crops all year round. Ultra -resistant, our crop clods do not attract pests and flies. This means that, unlike a vegetable garden, you can consume tomatoes, chives and peppers each season - up to 30 kg per year!


This is not the full food autonomy, but it is indeed a first step.

A connected vegetable garden consumes a lot of energy.




We did the calculation: the water consumption of the autonomous interior vegetable garden is 90 % lower than that of a conventional garden. In addition, the vegetable vegetable patch consumes only 19 kWh per month, the equivalent of a refrigerator during the same period.

I have to know myself in connected objects to use a connected vegetable garden.




The use of connected objects can be scary. However, they are already everywhere in our daily lives, without us realizing it! For the vegetable patch, we have chosen an object accessible to everyone, even to children.


The application, available on Android and iPhone, gives you all the advice to take care of your interior vegetable garden and succeed in your harvest. Connected in Bluetooth, she tells you how to install and configure and personalize your vegetable garden experience, with ease.

You need a large kitchen to install a connected vegetable garden.




The poge tree liv may seem imposing. In reality, it adapts easily to all kitchens, with its 60 cm wide, its 60 cm deep and its 80 cm high.


Is your kitchen too small? You can install your connected vegetable garden in your living room or your stay. Light, it can also be placed at eye level in a high piece of furniture. The only obligation: position it near an electrical outlet.

The Urban Cuisine Connected Vegetable Vegetable is 100 % French



The vegetable vegetable patch was designed by French horticultural experts, engineers and designers. It is produced exclusively in France, and more specifically in western France (regions of Rennes, Nantes, Le Mans and Angers). On the material side, 89 % are of French origin. For the rest, these are materials that are not produced (or more) with us, in particular certain electronic components.


The choice of Made in France is a guarantee of quality, but also a way of supporting the French economy and jobs in our territories.

Now that you can distinguish the true from the false, you just have to try the adventure of Connected vegetable garden !


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