Description of the connected vegetable garden

  • What to grow in my Liv Vegetable Garden?
The Liv Connected Vegetable Garden allows you to grow 17 varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs: Cherry Tomato, Mini Carrot, Great Green Basil, Common Chives, Large-Seed Lamb's Lettuce, Cultivated Coriander, Giant Winter Spinach, Lettuce to Cut, Mint Green, Mini Pepper, Tetra Gold Dill, Flat Parsley, Cayenne Pepper, Round Radish, Officinal Rosemary, Mini Turnip, Common Thyme. To renew your crops, simply reload the Vegetable Garden with new Cultivation Clods.
  • Are the crops from the Connected Vegetable Garden organic?
All our seeds are labeled “Organic Farming”. Our Cultivation Clods , created with a vegan substrate, seeds and organic nutrients, have not undergone any harmful chemical treatment. Ultra resistant, they do not attract pests and gnats. And guarantee you tasty fruits, herbs and vegetables, with 30 times more nutrients than in conventional agriculture.
  • How many plants can I harvest at the same time?
Our indoor vegetable garden has been designed to accommodate 16 plants simultaneously. No need for fertilizer or compost. Thanks to our Cultivation Clods and optimized harvesting conditions, you can grow up to 30 kg of fruits, vegetables and herbs each year.
  • Where can I install my vegetable garden in the house?
With its matt steel legs and its compact birch decor frame, the Potager Liv also adapts to the modern decoration of a living room or a city living room. Lightweight, our vegetable garden unit can be installed at eye level in a tall cabinet. The only obligation: to have an electrical outlet to plug in your connected vegetable garden.
  • How is the Liv Vegetable Garden ecological?
Le Potager Liv meets several eco-responsible criteria. Produced in France, it is made with durable and recyclable materials, including compact laminate, made of 65% renewable materials. Its organic cultivation clods, shaped by independent producers, are guaranteed pesticide-free. After harvest, the clods and roots can be composted. By collecting directly from your home, you benefit from an ultra-short circuit, without intermediaries and without packaging.

The URBAN CUISINE brand has also made strong commitments. We are committed to donating 1% of our annual turnover to associations committed to protecting the environment, via the organization 1% For The Planet.

  • What is the annual consumption of the indoor vegetable garden?

The water consumption of the Autonomous Indoor Vegetable Garden is 90% lower than that of a conventional garden. On the electricity side, you only consume 0.6 kWh per month, the equivalent of a refrigerator during the same period.

Operation of the indoor vegetable garden

  • How do I start my Vegetable Garden Liv?
Have you decided to buy an indoor vegetable garden? When you receive your order, it will be delivered to you with 16 cultivation plugs. Install it in the room of your choice. Place the Clods in the cavities provided for this purpose, the “hydroponic baskets”. Fill the water tank and connect your connected vegetable garden to the mains. To help you, consider downloading the URBAN CUISINE application. You will be guided step by step to connect your indoor garden via Bluetooth and choose a name for it.
  • How does the Indoor Vegetable Garden lighting work?
The Liv connected vegetable garden is based on cutting-edge technology, designed to facilitate your harvests. The autonomous lighting of the plants is regulated by an LED panel which reflects sunlight 14 hours a day, while limiting electricity consumption. The roots of your plants are protected from the light thanks to the blackout disc placed around the Cultivation Clods. For optimal lighting, the device closes to keep the light inside the vegetable garden and not to attract pests. In the same way, the device is equipped with a water tank which closes as soon as you have finalized the filling.
  • What is the role of the water tank?
The indoor aromatic vegetable garden's water tank can hold 10 liters of water for three weeks of autonomy. Watering is done by hand, via a water inlet located on the lid. Thanks to the LED system, the connected vegetable garden communicates its water needs. When the LED light is off, it means the water level is sufficient. When it starts flashing, it's time to add water to the tank. After a few weeks, the LED light may stay on constantly, which means that the water level is insufficient. Your Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden will be stopped until you fill the water tank.
  • Is the use of the connected vegetable garden safe?
The Liv Indoor Vegetable Garden is 100% safe, even with children or pets. CE certified, it can remain connected during the holidays, without risk of short circuit. You can garden as a family without worrying about dirtying your interior, since our compact clods leave no trace of soil.
  • How do I get new Cultivation Clods?
You can order new Cultivation Clods directly on our site, individually or in batches of 4, 6 or 8 Clods. The most interesting option remains the subscription, which allows you to obtain 16 Clods of culture when purchasing the connected indoor garden and then 4 or 8 new Clods each month.
  • How do I keep my Mottes in advance?
Just store them in a cool, dry place.

Order and delivery of the indoor vegetable garden

  • Why choose the subscription plan?
To receive new plants every month without effort and at an advantageous price, we suggest you take out a subscription. Monthly and without commitment, it allows you to benefit from new varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants selected by us based on your tastes and desires.
  • What are the prices and delivery times?
If you choose to order your Liv vegetable garden online, it will be delivered to you with the organic cultivation clods within 10 to 15 working days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link from the carrier. The delivery of the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden is carbon neutral.

You can also get our Indoor vegetable garden at one of our points of sale throughout France.

App & customer service

  • What is the app for?
The URBAN CUISINE application, which can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play, helps you on a daily basis to take care of your connected vegetable garden and achieve successful harvests. Thanks to a personalized setting, you will know which Root Ball to plant and when. Notifications ensure regular monitoring of watering. Are you wondering about a feature of the vegetable garden? On the yield of your harvest? You will find all the answers on your application.
  • What should I do if my Vegetable Garden malfunctions? If my plants do not survive?
If you notice a malfunction of the kitchen garden or a deterioration of your plants, start by consulting the advice given on your application. Didn't get an answer? Our 'SOS Potager' support is at your disposal. We guarantee a response within 48 hours.