"Our desire is to allow everyone to easily grow quality fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs . We have designed our products for city dwellers, for everyone to take part in the transformation of cities through urban agriculture "
- Josephine and Antoine

We have therefore surrounded ourselves with horticultural experts and French craftsmen to develop with them a range of products suitable for all uses, starting with a Cultivation Clod, the heart of our know-how , which includes seeds labeled Organic Agriculture, nutrients naturally present in the soil (magnesium, iron, calcium) in optimized dosages according to the varieties and plant fibers.
Our Clods are to be used in our two first products: the Cork Pot and the Optimized Vegetable Garden , which respectively allow 1 and 20 plants to be grown simultaneously.
Eventually, many varieties of Clods will be available : fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs of course, but also edible flowers and depolluting plants...