Comment faire un semis de Tomate Cerise réussi ?

How to make a successful sowing of Cherry Tomato?

What is Cherry Tomato?

From the Solanaceae family like the potato and the pepper , the tomato is a fruit native to South America. This plant belongs to the category of annual-type fruits , that is to say that its entire cycle, from sowing to harvest, takes place over one year. Most of the time, the tomato is red, with very green leaves and yellow flowers.

Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow and grow quickly. The foot of the Cherry Tomato takes the form of a small bush and can reach a height of about 1 meter. The Cherry Tomato is a variety of small, bright red tomatoes . There are other varieties of tomatoes, small in size like the darker-colored Black Cherry, but also large varieties of tomatoes like the beefsteak tomato.

Characteristics of Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomatoes are fruits that need a location with lots of sun and frequent watering , but care must be taken that the roots do not get too much water. Its fruits are sweeter and delight gourmets as an aperitif or as a main course. Discover recipes based on Cherry Tomatoes with URBAN CUISINE : Cherry Tomato Crumble , Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella Salad and many more. This plant grows very well indoors : in pots , vegetable gardens and planters, which makes it ideal for small spaces.

Cherry Tomato Diseases

Planting Cherry Tomatoes can be ravaged by mildew, these are small fungi whose appearance is favored by excess water and heat. They are manifested by light spots and blackening of the leaves.

Sowing the Cherry Tomato in detail: type of seed and location

Which seed to choose?

The choice of seeds is particularly important because it will influence the growth of the plants and affect the nutritional intake of your fruits and vegetables. To enjoy all the flavor of your Cherry Tomatoes while being sure of the quality of your product, we recommend seeds with the "Organic Farming" label . This label is a certification that the cherry tomato seed is organic and has not undergone any harmful chemical treatment. In addition, compared to other varieties of seeds, organic seeds are more resistant, including to pests.

Organic Cherry Tomato: from sowing to harvest

After sowing, the seeds of Organic Cherry Tomatoes will germinate quickly and easily. The plant will simply need a fairly sunny location and nutrient-rich, well-drained soil .

It will be necessary to sow the seeds in March , indoors so that the feet can have heat.

Growing cherry tomato in garden

The sowing of the Cherry Tomato will first be done indoors so that the plants can grow sufficiently before being put outdoors when the temperature is favorable for planting.

The smothered planting technique is particularly suitable for growing organic Cherry Tomatoes. This type of cultivation consists of sowing your plants in a mini greenhouse before transplanting them once the young plants have grown sufficiently. To prepare the plant, you will need to fill a terrine with nutrient-rich potting soil. Then you can move on to sowing. To do this, tamp the soil, sow the seeds , then tamp again with more insistence. Finally, lightly water the seedling. Finish the sowing by covering it with the lid of the terrine. Close the windows of this mini greenhouse and then open them after a week . Wait another week before transplanting into pots. It will then be necessary to transplant the young plants.

You can also sow organic Cherry Tomatoes in pots before transplanting them into the vegetable patch or garden.

If you are new to gardening, you can use a capsule that already includes the soil, nutrients suitable for growth and cherry tomato seeds, thus facilitating your sowing and future harvests.

URBAN CUISINE has developed capsules, called Mottes de Culture which allow everyone to enjoy delicious cherry tomatoes, with ease.

Cherry tomato transplanting

Once the roots of your tomato plants have developed well and two leaves of your plants have appeared, you can transplant your plants in pots if the sowing was carried out in another container, or in pots, planters and vegetable patches. For this, prepare the soil of your container by filling them with a light but nutrient-rich substrate, then make a hole in this soil. Harvest the tomato plant using a large spoon without touching the roots and plant them in buckets, pots, or the container of your choice. Cover the young tomato plant with a thin layer of potting soil , tamp it down, then water gently.

Growing cherry tomatoes indoors

You can sow Cherry Tomato seeds directly in pots or planters. For this, it will be necessary to choose the place of the pot or planter wisely so that the tomato plants can benefit from light, humidity and heat . The choice of pot material will also be important to keep the soil warm and moist. Then proceed with sowing in the same way as described above. The advantage of this type of planting is that you will not need to transplant your plants.

Interview :
the plants must be watered frequently . You can water about 3 times a week. To accelerate the maturity of tomatoes, it is advisable to prune the suckers .
Harvest and storage:
Tomato seeds will germinate in 6 to 10 days and you can start harvesting in 8 to 10 weeks .
Noticed :
if you have chosen seeds labeled “Organic Agriculture”, you can harvest the seeds of the tomatoes in order to replant them.

Gardening with URBAN CUISINE

Creating an indoor garden is easy with URBAN CUISINE . We have designed the Organic Cherry Tomato Cultivation Clod for you so that you can harvest all year round. The use of these Cultivation Clods is simple, they already contain all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the plants and the seeds are already sown in the ground. The soil in Les Mottes de Culture is compact for an all-in-one product, so you only have to water it. Thanks to Cultivation Clods, you can grow Cherry Tomatoes in your Cork pots in a place where your plants will get a good amount of light.

Otherwise, you can choose a plantation with the URBAN CUISINE Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden to simultaneously grow 16 organic plants and combine your favorite flavors: Cayenne Pepper , Mini Pepper and Cherry Tomato. The URBAN CUISINE Connected Vegetable Garden reproduces sunlight for 18 hours a day, so dark apartments will no longer be a problem. For even more ease, watering, ventilation and humidity are also automatic . Your opinion counts for us, which is why we offer you a personalized monthly Cultivation Mound refill thanks to the URBAN CUISINE subscription.

Otherwise, you can choose two varieties of plants to grow them in a window box according to the combination of your choice. For tomato cultivation, we offer you the Tomate Cerise & Basil Grand Vert balcony box .

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