How to plant and water Thyme in a pot?

Thyme is this aromatic plant with green foliage that brings sunshine and southern flavors to our plates.

From its Latin name Thymus , Thyme grows wild on the hot , sunny soils of the Mediterranean basin.
Thyme is an aromatic herb that is easier to grow in pots than in the ground and takes up little space , perfect for smaller spaces. You can therefore easily enjoy the Mediterranean flavors of fresh Thyme leaves by growing it at home with planting and container cultivation.
Thyme leaves are perfect aromatic herbs to flavor your meat and fish, but also your potatoes and vegetables for example. And even the beautiful thyme flowers are edible.

Our advice for successfully planting Thyme seeds in pots and for caring for your plants.

Native to the south, thyme is a sun-loving plant that needs to be in a sunny spot. Growing in pots represents a real advantage in this sense since you can easily move your plant to provide it with sunbathing for several hours each day, indoors or outdoors. Planting in pots also allows you to protect your Thyme crop in the event of too cold temperatures or heavy rains.
The ideal time of year to plant potted thyme is early spring, between March and April , but the aromatic plant can also be planted in early fall.

Planting thyme in pots

For planting your Thyme seeds in pots, it is advisable to opt for pots with a fairly large diameter , around 25 cm, or a planter or the URBAN CUISINE Balcony box . You can accompany your Thyme plant with a variety that does not require a lot of water, such as our organic Rosemary Officinal for example.

  1. To prepare for planting, it is advisable to start by laying a thin layer of gravel on the ground. This will ensure good soil drainage .
  2. Then you can add potting soil , mixed with garden soil, if you have it. If you don't have any, potting soil alone is fine.
  3. You can now sow your Thyme seeds, then cover everything with a small layer of soil.
  4. Finally, water your plant with water in a fine rain gently and without excess .

Watering and caring for thyme plants

As you will have understood, Thyme is an aromatic plant from the south, in this sense it is a sun lover and does not really like the cold. It is therefore really important to place your plant in a place that provides it with exposure to the sun.
For the soil, Thyme does not need to be in very cool soil. It is recommended for the culture of thyme in pot to maintain a regular watering and without excess . One of our tips for a successful pot culture of Thyme: you can remove the saucer and raise your pot so that the roots of your aromatic plant do not soak in the water.

Grow Thyme in a Pot with URBAN CUISINE.

URBAN CUISINE makes it easy for you to grow thyme, from planting the seeds to caring for the plants, while guaranteeing you get fresh and tasty aromatic herbs. Our Organic Common Thyme Cork Pot, made in France from cork oak, is sold with an organic Common Thyme Cultivation Mound , a small cube of nutrient-optimized vegetable fibers that contains Thyme seeds developed in France. This Cork Pot is then reusable with any of our varieties of Cultivation Clods of aromatic herbs and organic fruits and vegetables .

Visit the URBAN CUISINE blog to find all our tips for planting, caring for and harvesting all your plants. You can also find delicious recipes to use all the URBAN CUISINE varieties.

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