Cultivation of Mini Peppers: when and how to take care of a plant?

What is the Mini Pepper?

Pepper is the sweetest fruit of all Capsicum annuum peppers. The term Capsicum annuum designates a set of varieties of peppers. Peppers are part of the Solanaceae family and are annual plants.

The varieties

There are several varieties of peppers: Mini Bell , Doux de Valence , or Top Girl sweet peppers and there are also several colors for the same variety.

These fruits of the sun have the advantage of easy cultivation, in fact their rapid growth makes them ideal for beginners in gardening . They will also allow you a long-term culture since you can harvest the seeds of your Mini Peppers, visible when you cut the fruit in half. Collect the seeds and use the fruit for your meals, URBAN CUISINE offers you lots of tasty recipe ideas: Chorizo ​​pasta & Mini Peppers , Grilled Mini Peppers Salad or even Meat Skewers & Mini Peppers . In addition to delighting you, the Mini Pepper will also bring you many benefits: vitamins C, antioxidant effects, fibre.

The pepper grows quickly and well provided it is sown in rich, moist soil exposed to sunlight. Indeed, the pepper is a sun-loving plant . It is therefore essential to install your plants in a place in the sun for the best development of the fruits. The Mini Poivron is a variety that gives small fruits, and grows very well in pots, on balconies or on terraces. Its cultivation is all the easier as this variety is resistant to diseases .

Peppers are fruits that bring color and flavor to your dishes: red, yellow or green, there really is something for everyone. Red peppers are sweeter while green peppers are more sour, which makes them closer to their cousin: the chili pepper.

URBAN CUISINE gives you its best advice to provide your Mini Pepper plants with ideal growing conditions to obtain a harvest of fruits rich in flavor.

Start the plant on a good foundation

For your Mini Peppers to grow best, they will need adequate growing conditions from the sowing.

What exposure?

  • Pepper is a pepper, and all of its fruits are sun-loving. It is therefore essential to install your culture of Mini Peppers in a place in the sun .

With which varieties to grow the Mini Pepper?

  • If you grow several varieties of fruits and vegetables in your vegetable garden, be aware that peppers can grow alongside tomatoes and eggplants .

When to sow Mini Pepper seeds?

  • The planting of pepper seeds is usually done in the spring , around the end of May. Pepper seeds should be sown in well-heated soil .

  • You can then transplant the Mini Pepper in June to place it in a larger container: in a larger pot, in the vegetable patch or in the garden.

How to sow Mini Peppers?

- Choose your Mini Pepper seeds. URBAN CUISINE recommends seeds labeled "Organic Farming" because in addition to respecting the environment, they have the advantage of being more resistant and allowing long-term cultivation.

-Next, prepare the soil. To do this, place a layer of clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot or container of your choice, then add potting soil .

- Moisten the soil if it is dry

- Sow the seeds by spacing them

- Cover with a thin layer of potting soil

- Water

How to optimize the cultivation of Mini Peppers?

  • When planting in poor soil you can add compost . If you have already planted your Mini Peppers and your soil is poor, do not hesitate to add fertilizer to your soil when the first fruits appear.

How to care for Mini Pepper plants?

Here are some maintenance tips that we give you to take care of the Mini Pepper plants:


  • It is recommended to prune the Mini Pepper plants . When the foot of Pepper bears about ten fruits, cut the end of the stems. This will make it possible to have fruits of a better caliber and which mature more quickly.


  • Cultivation of Mini Peppers requires regular watering : the soil must always be moist.

Harvest and conservation

When to harvest Mini Peppers?

  • It is towards the end of June that the fruits of the pepper plant are formed. You can start harvesting your first peppers about a month later, the fruits will be green. You can still wait if you want them to take color, red or yellow. Whatever happens, it is strongly advised to harvest the fruits before the first frosts .

Note : Your Mini Pepper plants should reach a height of approximately 50cm to 80cm .

  • To harvest the fruit, use a pair of scissors and cut the stem 1 or 2 cm above the Mini Pepper.

Storage of Mini Peppers

  • Avoid storing Mini Peppers in the refrigerator or outdoors. Pepper will be better if you eat it fresh .

Growing Mini Peppers indoors with URBAN CUISINE

URBAN CUISINE offers solutions for growing aromatic plants and organic fruits and vegetables indoors and even in the smallest spaces. With the Organic Mini Pepper Mound, which contains organic seeds, you are guaranteed to obtain fruits full of flavor and benefits . Clods are made with vegetable fibers that contain all the nutrients necessary for the growth of your plants. You won't need to add anything, neither fertilizer, nor compost, nor potting soil.
With our Cultivation Ball, the germination of the seeds of Mini Pepper should happen after 5 to 10 days after planting. You can harvest your organic fruit vegetables from around 8 to 10 weeks .

For pot culture, all you have to do is place your Clods in your Cork Pot and water.

You can also diversify your culture with the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden , or the Balconnière.

You can find our advice and our recipes around Mini Peppers or any other of our varieties of organic fruits and vegetables and aromatic plants on the URBAN CUISINE blog.

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