Sowing chives: how to do it?

Chives are an aromatic plant widely used in the kitchen and it is very easy to sow and grow in the garden and in the vegetable patch. Very often used in salads or in dishes for its leaves, know that the flowers of chives are also edible. Do you want to sow chive seeds in your vegetable garden to grow chives and enjoy the freshness of these aromatic herbs? URBAN CUISINE gives you its best advice.

When to sow chive seeds?

The best time of year for sowing chive seeds in the ground is usually early spring , in March or April. You can also choose sowing in boxes or in the nursery. If you choose this method, you will need to transplant the chive plants about 1 month and a half after sowing the seeds, when the first chive leaves have appeared.

How to sow chives?

The first step in sowing your chive seeds in the ground is to prepare the soil. For this, prepare an aerated ground and a flat surface .

Choose a place in the sun or in partial shade to install your Chive seed plantation.
The seeds of this variety of aromatic plants are sown in rows, in furrows spaced about 20cm apart. Sow the Chive seeds in a row and cover them with a layer of soil. Sprinkle the soil with water in a fine rain . Until emergence, it is recommended to keep the soil of your plants moist, without the soil being soggy.
Of course, you can plant your Chives directly in a pot . This solution is particularly suitable for those who do not have a garden but who still want to grow chives in the vegetable garden or indoors. You can sow Chives seeds directly in the pot ideally filled with potting soil. If you already have young chive shoots , plant directly in the final pot.
Throughout the growth of chives, for good maintenance it is advisable to water the soil when the soil is dry on the surface but without excess . In general, maintain regular watering of your chive plants.

When your young shoots will have about 4 leaves , it is advisable to weed the foot of Chives to fight against the growth of weeds .

In general, chives are an aromatic plant that requires little maintenance . However, it is recommended to cut the flowers regularly so that the plant does not go to seed.

Common Chives with URBAN CUISINE

In order to make the cultivation of Chives easy and accessible to everyone, even if you have never done any gardening, URBAN CUISINE has developed the organic Common Potted Chives. This Cork Pot made in France contains an organic Common Chive Seed Cultivation Ball. The first shoots of organic Common Chives should appear about 10 days after planting. You can harvest your chive leaves about 4 weeks after planting.

Now that you know everything about sowing this tasty aromatic plant, all you have to do is incorporate chives into your preparations. To help you, URBAN CUISINE offers you some recipe ideas such as the Vinaigrette with Common Chives or the very fresh Salmon Tartare with Common Chives .

Chives fact sheet:

Name: Allium schoenoprasum
Type of plant: aromatic plant, perennial
Height: 20 to 40 cm
Exposure: partial shade, sun

Find all our advice on sowing, growing, harvesting and using Common Chives in the kitchen as well as our other varieties of aromatic plants and organic fruits and vegetables on the URBAN CUISINE blog.

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