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25€ (1 Cork Pot + 1 Growing Pod)

Fondled by the sun's rays, placed on a working surface, on the table or on a kitchen shelf, our Cork Pot allows everyone to easily grow a fruit, vegetable or herb plant. Even in small spaces!

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A natural and sustainable Cork Pot

Our Cork Pot is manufactured in the Landes region of France with locally-collected cork and according to a traditional know-how. We have chosen this material because other than being light and waterproof, it is sustainable and biodegradable.

Once the Growing Pod has been inserted into your Cork Pot, water it lightly and keep it humid by watering it frequently.




Once the harvest is finished, reuse your Cork Pod by inserting a new Growing Pod and try a new variety if you wish! 

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1 Cork Pot + 1 Growing Pod


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2 Cork Pots + 2 Growing Pods



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3 Cork Pots + 3 Growing Pods



Easy to use

Remove the lid

Keep the explanatory booklet and unwrap the Growing Pod of its protection paper.

Plant the Growing Pod

Make sure that the dark side of the Growing Pod is facing the top of the Cork Pot.

Water the Growing Pot lightly

Water the Growing Pod in accordance with the recommendations of the explanatory booklet or our website.

Our growing pods' power

Seeds accurately dosed

We carefully insert the right amount of seeds into our Growing Pods, according to each variety, to ensure successful germination and good harvests, regardless of nature's caprices.

Local & committed production

Our Growing Plods were developed in Brittany with horticultural experts. On average we spend 6 months developing each new variety.

Substrat breveté

Ni ressource fossile, ni matière importée de l'autre bout du monde. Notre substrat est unique, développé à partir d'une matière existant en Europe, et en abondance !

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Product Sheet

The Cork Pots that we have developed are made from cork oak harvested in France. Cork is a light and waterproof material in addition to being reusable and biodegradable. This is the material we have chosen for our product and we work our Pot with a craftsman based in the South West of France. In France, there are only two manufacturers of cork jars! The development of these Pots testifies to URBAN CUISINE's ambition to develop high quality products that respect the environment, while helping to promote the know-how of French artisans. These Cork Pots correspond to our commitment so that the work produced by our craftsmen in France is recognized and remunerated at the right price. Our Cork Pots also contribute to our desire to support a local and sustainable economy! The Cork Pots can be used with the URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Sods of your choice for easy planting without soil or fertilizer! No need for additional seeds for your plant, they are already present in the Growing Pod to facilitate planting, for the assuredly successful sowing of your aromatic plant and for all the varieties you choose to cultivate! Indeed, the Cork Pots allow you to discover or rediscover the true taste of varieties grown directly at home in your vegetable garden, with ease! The Cork Pots and the URBAN CUISINE Growing pods form a planting kit for simple and pleasant indoor cultivation. These kits will allow you to create a small indoor garden that will allow you to enjoy organic fruit, vegetable and aromatic plants all year round. The plant of the variety of your choice will go perfectly with your dishes thanks to our recipe tips! You will be able to cultivate, in your internal vegetable garden, varieties of aromatics such as Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Mint, Chives, Rosemary, Coriander. List of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and aromatic herbs cultivable in our Cork Pots is still long! This kit is in fact the guarantee of an easy and pleasant planting and harvests of healthy and quality organic varieties in one's vegetable garden. It is the promise of a rediscovered authentic taste and dishes as tasty as they are virtuous!
Height: 10 cm Width: 10 cm


The Cork Pot is manufcatured in France, in the Landes Region, by one of the two last French cork-oak manufacturers!

The Cork Pot is only composed of cork-oak, new and upcycled from the cork-plug industry.

Find here the list of our Growing Pods' varieties:

No it isn't necessary, our plants are designed to grow inside their Cork Pots. But if you'd like, you can replant your plant either in the soil or in a larger pot, thus enabling you to start another culture in your Cork Pot!

Indeed! Once your harvest is done, you can plant another Growing Pod inside, to enjoy more harvests!

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Taste & naturalness

Ultra-fresh, delicious and pesticide-free harvests.

Short circuits and traceability

Home-grown produce: from seed to plate without intermediaries.

Sustainability and commitment

Quality raw materials and valued French know-how.

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