Include nature in your plans

Discover the first large-capacity vegetable garden that guarantees fresh and tasty harvests, at your fingertips, all year round, thanks to optimized growing conditions.


Install a vegetable garden in the heart of the kitchens you create

Surprise your customers by offering them a new household appliance allowing them to cultivate directly in the heart of their living space up to 3 kilos of fruit, vegetables and herbs every month. Merely.
8 out of 10 French people want to buy locally
of French people want to have a vegetable garden to gain food autonomy

The one and only Connected Vegetable Garden suitable for kitchens and urban interiors

The shortest of circuits (short)

Ensure perfect traceability and 100% homemade harvests, from seed to plate, thanks to the Connected Vegetable Garden! Reduce the carbon impact of the food kilometer thanks to a culture without transport, without packaging and without pesticides, in the heart of houses and apartments. The Connected Vegetable Garden consumes 90% less water than growing in the ground for the same crops, i.e. less than 10L and €1 of electricity per month.


The 3-in-1 Cultivation Ball

At URBAN CUISINE, the bag of potting soil and the traditional sachets of seeds have been replaced by a 3-in-1 Cultivation Mound comprising a plant substrate, French seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture" and organic nutrients in order to ensure everyone the best possible harvests, all year round!


New essential household appliances for urban and peri-urban homes

Designed according to household appliance standards, the Connected Vegetable Garden is made of aluminium, only requires a mains connection and can be fitted under any work surface on the market. Lightweight, it can also be installed at eye level in a tall unit.

A compendium of technology at the service of a new unique experience

The result of two years of Research and Development with INRA, a world leader in electronics, and three design and mechanical offices, the Connected Vegetable Garden offers a unique experience, allowing everyone to reconnect with nature, from the heart. cities.


Do you want to incorporate nature into your plans?

Contact us to discuss your real estate project or your development project so that we can find together the best way to integrate one or more connected vegetable gardens.

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