Common chives & flat-leaf parsley balcony planter

40€ (1 Balcony Planter, 1 bag of clay pebbles, 1 bag of substrate and 2 Growing Pods of your choice)

Its smooth leaves are the reason for the Parsley Flat’s sublime green colour. Its fragrant taste and intense aromas delight the recipes with which it is combined.

Chives offer a fresh and spicy taste and are a great addition to many delicious recipes being a variety that can be grown all year round!

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An elegant and resistant Balcony Planter

Our Balcony Planter is manufactured in Brittany by a qualified tinsmith. We have chosen aluminum as a material because it requires little maintenance and is resistant to the outside, to cold and rain without leaving any traces of alteration, thus ensuring a longer lifespan than other materials.

The all-in-one Balcony Planter

Designed for ease of use, the Balcony Box is delivered with everything you need to immediately start your crops: a bag of clay pebbles to drain the future roots and a bag of substrate to enrich the soil of the two Plant Clods you have chosen.

Your future harvest at a glance


After 10 days


After 5 weeks


Wait until the plants are voluminous before cutting the sprigs.


Store leaves and sprigs in the fridge for a few days

Our degressive prices

Unit price

1 Balcony Planter, 1 bag of clay pebbles, 1 bag of substrate and 2 Growing Pods of your choice



2 Balcony Planters, 2 bags of clay pebbles, 2 bags of substrate and 4 Growing Pods of your choice




3 Balcony Planters, 3 bags of clay pebbles, 3 bags of substrate and 6 Growing Pods of your choice



Our best sellers

Create a duo or a trio of Balcony Planters among 20+ varieties of aromatic herbs, small fruit & veggies and enjoy degressive prices.

Our growing pods' power

Seeds accurately dosed

We carefully insert the right amount of seeds into our Growing Pods, according to each variety, to ensure successful germination and good harvests, regardless of nature's caprices.

Local & committed production

Our Growing Plods were developed in Brittany with horticultural experts. On average we spend 6 months developing each new variety.

100% empotés compatibles

Vous n'avez ni la main verte, ni beaucoup de temps à accorder à votre potager ? Pas de problème : vous n'avez qu'à planter, observer et... récolter !

Biodégradable & compostable

Une fois la récolte de votre variété réalisée, replantez votre Motte de Culture dans un espace vert ou faites-en bénéficier votre compost.

A concentrate of nutrients, the size of a cup of coffee

Our growing pod is a small cube made of pressed vegetal fibers, nutrients-optimized (iron, magnesium...) according to each variety, to ensure the best development possible for the plant. The seeds are French, labeled Organic Agriculture and reproducible

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Find here our different varieties to grow:

No it isn't necessary, our plants are made to grow inside their Balcony Planter.

Our Values

Taste & naturalness

Ultra-fresh, delicious and pesticide-free harvests.

Short circuits and traceability

Home-grown produce: from seed to plate without intermediaries.

Sustainability and commitment

Quality raw materials and valued French know-how.

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