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Do you know what mini turnips are? Probably yes, since you presumably didn’t just fall off the turnip truck! You might already have guessed it: this saying is used to underscore the fact that someone is not naïve nor ignorant. This pejorative connotation of the word “turnip” dates back to the 1970s. Many plausible origins have been suggested for this idiom, such as the idea that it might allude to a country bumpkin who has hitched a ride to town on a farmer’s turnip truck.

URBAN CUISINE suggests to (re)discover the delightful taste of turnips and to tackle the turnips reputation.


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Why should you have Mini Turnips at home?

Turnips are a great source of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, as well as vitamins B1 and B6. These mini turnips can be enjoyed like radishes, for example as an appetizer. Turnips also go very well with duck breast and bring a scrumptious taste to all your dishes!

The little extra to shine in society

The turnip was nicknamed the "poor man's vegetable" and "starvation vegetable" in the Middle Ages. This seems to be the undeniable proof that its devaluation isn’t by any means something new and that it has lasted through the centuries. 

Your future harvest at a glance


After 4-6 days


After 4 weeks


Pull the turnip out of the ground.


In the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before placing in the freezer where the turnips can be stored for up to a year. They can also be stored for several months in dry sand.

Ideas of recipes

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Our Growing Plods were developed in Brittany with horticultural experts. On average we spend 6 months developing each new variety.

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Neither fossil resource nor material imported from the other side of the world. Our substrate is unique, developed from an existing material in Europe, and in abundance!

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Organic Mini Turnip

This Cultivation Mound contains organic Mini Turnip seeds certified "Organic Agriculture" 100% French.

Presentation of the turnip

The turnip is an ancestral vegetable that was already consumed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The turnip is also found very early in history in Asia. Unfortunately, for a long time this small vegetable was not appreciated at its fair value in Europe because it was considered a famine vegetable and was eaten by the poor in the Middle Ages. Fortunately in recent years the image of the turnip has evolved and it is now on the menu of the greatest chefs and many families who love this root vegetable. Often associated with carrots and leeks , it is also a must in Pot-au-feu, a great classic of French culinary art, and many other dishes cooked over low heat. It is more and more revisited and we find it today, for example, in crisps for an aperitif or even turnip ice cream!

Do you want to incorporate turnips into your recipes? We understand you! In addition to its culinary qualities , this product has many nutritional qualities , its root is low in calories and a source of fibre , rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. You can also taste the tops of the turnip, pan-fried or in a velouté.

This vegetable is most often white and purple but there is a real diversity of varieties with yellow, black or orange turnips for example.

Cultivation Clods URBAN CUISINE

This URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Plug contains Mini Turnip seeds developed in France , substrate and is optimized in nutrients to ensure the Mini Turnip plant has optimal growth conditions .

All our Cultivation Clods can be placed in the URBAN CUISINE Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden , an optimized solution that allows you to cultivate 16 Clods, of different varieties simultaneously, in a simple , fast and efficient way, even in the smallest apartments. Our plants can also be used with our Cork Pots , made in France, which are sold with a Motte. You can also opt for the Balconnière which allows you to grow two plants indoors and outdoors. Finally, be aware that URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clods can be planted directly in the ground to enrich your gardens and vegetable patches.

Information on the growth of Organic Mini Turnip

Turnips are vegetables that are easy to grow.
With the start of germination from 4 to 6 days after sowing, you will very quickly see your first turnip sprouts.
The turnip is a variety that does not like drought and high heat. Be sure to keep the soil of your shoots very cool by sprinkling your Cultivation Clod with water. It is advisable to place your plants in the sun or in partial shade . Following these tips will provide optimal growing conditions for your plants and ensure you get vegetables rich in flavor and goodness , for your recipes and for your health.

Harvest your Mini Turnips

The harvest of the mini turnip takes place about 4 weeks after sowing . It is advisable not to let the root of the vegetables grow too large and to harvest them as soon as they are formed.

Conservation and use of the Mini Turnip

This vegetable is very easy to prepare. After rinsing it with clear water, it cooks very quickly in a pan of boiling water.

The turnip is a vegetable that is perfect for simmered dishes such as Pot-au-feu or as an accompaniment to tasty meats such as lamb, but you can very easily innovate and cook it in many different ways. For example, to warm you up in winter, there's nothing like the tasty soup of Mini Turnips, carrots and potatoes . If you want to treat yourself to a vegetarian gratin, we suggest you try the recipe for the delicious Gratin of Mini Turnips with béchamel sauce URBAN CUISINE .

A must in dishes, the turnip can also be used as a dessert with our recipe for excellent Caramelized or honey-glazed Mini Turnips . So go quickly to our blog, on which we offer you lots of delicious recipes for making healthy and balanced homemade dishes !

Your crops can be stored for a week in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. You can also place your vegetables in your freezer where you can keep them for a year or several months in a dry sandbox.

The delivery of this Motte de Culture is carbon neutral to respect URBAN CUISINE 's commitment to responsible consumption .

Find the entire available range of varieties of aromatic plants and fruits and vegetables from URBAN CUISINE , as well as our Cork Pots , our Window Box and our Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden in our catalogue.

Do not hesitate to share your experience with us. We would love to receive messages, photos or videos, of your sprouts, your harvests and your best turnip recipes or any other URBAN CUISINE variety on social networks .


The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittanny, from pressed vegetal fibers which are later dehydrated. Nutrients and organic seeds are inseminated into the Pod.

The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittany (west of France), in our partner's workshop.

The Growing Pod can be stored for a year, in a fresh and dry environment.

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