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6€ (Two Cork Pots and 2 Cultivation Clods of the varieties of your choice)

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Why have aromatic herbs at home?

To enhance your dishes, to add to a classic herbal tea or to prepare delicious cocktails, aromatic herbs are always pleasant to have on hand when they do not wither in the hours after purchase.

Thanks to our Cork Pots, enjoy beautiful aromatic plants for several months, cutting only what you want to consume and recreate a real little vegetable garden in your interior.

The little extra to shine in society

All our seeds are labeled "Organic Agriculture" and come from France. Our Cork Pots are made from cork oak harvested in the Landes.

Your future harvest at a glance:


From 10 days


From 4 weeks


Cut above a pretty knot. For more precise information, go to the pages of our Cultivation Clods.


Keep the leaves dried or frozen for 1 year.

Our decreasing prices

By unit

1 Cork Pot + 1 Clod of your Choice


In duet

2 Cork Pots + 2 Clods of your Choice




3 Cork Pots + 3 Cultivation Clods



Our Cultivation Clods: a concentrate of technology

High quality seeds

The quality of the harvest begins with that of the seeds! We only use French seeds, unmodified, labeled "Organic Agriculture", from committed independent producers.

Organic nutrients

To ensure the best growth for our plants, we add biological nutrients to our substrate: nitrogen, magnesium, calcium in dosages adapted to the needs of each variety.

Patented substrate

Neither fossil resource nor material imported from the other side of the world. Our substrate is unique, developed from an existing material in Europe, and in abundance!

Technical sheet

Looking for a personalized gift or an alternative to the classic vegetable garden for beginners or children, URBAN CUISINE invites you to discover its new Planting Kit! This Planting Kit is composed of three Cork Pots, made in France from cork oak harvested in France, allowing you to grow three aromatic herb plants. Thanks to this planting kit, you can simply create a small indoor garden that will give you access to organic herbs all year round.


The Pot en Liège is made in France, in the Landes, with one of the last two cork oak manufacturers in France!

The Cork Pot is only made of cork oak, new and recycled from the cork industry.

Find here the list of our varieties of Mottes de Culture:

No it's not necessary, our plants are made to grow inside their Cork Pot. But if you wish, you can replant your plant in the ground or in a larger pot to start a new culture in your Cork Pot!

Absolutely ! As soon as your harvest is complete, you can plant a new Cultivation Clod inside to enjoy it longer!

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