Cayenne Pepper in a Cork Pot

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Perfect for spicing up your dishes, Cayenne pepper allows you to add a little spicy touch that will tickle your taste buds. The spicy taste of the Cayenne pepper is slightly camphorated and this variety will bring you many benefits.

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Why should you have Cayenne Pepper at home?

Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A but also in Vitamin B9, Cayenne pepper is also rich in potassium and flavonoids. This is what gives this spice a great antioxidant effect. 

Cayenne pepper is a perfect spice for rice, fish and shellfish. It is also a must when you decide to prepare the famous Tabasco sauce!

The little extra to shine in society

Cayenne pepper ranks between 30,000 and 50,000 on the Scoville scale. It is a scale that measures the pungency of chillies and was established by the pharmacologist Wilbur Scoville in 1912. The strength of chillies is due to the amount of capsaicin contained in the flesh of the chilli and mostly in its seeds. 

Your future harvest at a glance


After 15 days


After 4 weeks


Cut off one stem. To let the pepper finish ripening, you can hang it upside down in a cool and dry place.


Wash and cut the pepper, then put it in a freezer bag.

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Presentation of our Cork Pot for Organic Cayenne Pepper

Do you have enough fruit and vegetable crops at home but still want to expand your vegetable garden?

If you want to add a new variety to your indoor vegetable garden, URBAN CUISINE offers you to grow organic Cayenne peppers directly at home!

Our Pot en Liège, made in France from cork oak harvested in France, allows you to grow an organic Cayenne pepper plant, without soil or fertilizer, with seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture" and of French origin.

Our Cork Pot includes an organic Cayenne Pepper Root Ball. Cayenne Peppers will give your cooking a strong and spicy taste with their red color and a strong and spicy taste to all your dishes!

Our Cork Pot can then be reused with the root ball of your choice, for new crops of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants all year round! Discover all our other plants on our website and create your own indoor vegetable garden.

Characteristics of the variety

Cayenne pepper, from its Latin name Capsicum frutescens, is a pepper with a strong taste! It is an essential condiment for all spicy food addicts who like to add more and more flavor to their dishes.

This spice is also full of virtues and benefits for your body. Indeed, this plant helps, among other things, to protect the heart and relieve joint pain.

Like other peppers, cayenne pepper is rich in vitamins A, B and C and nutrients such as iron and magnesium.

Placement of the Cork Jar

To set up your Cayenne Pepper Cork Pot, follow these steps:

- Remove the cover from the Cork Pot and keep the small explanatory booklet attached to it. This explanatory booklet contains information concerning the water and natural light needs of your Cayenne pepper plant.

- Water the Rootball so that it regains a dark color and is moist to the touch

- Install your Cork Pot indoors wherever you want. Choose a place near a source of natural light

- Place your Cultivation Clod directly in the Cork Pot; the seeds have already been sown in the Cultivation Ball for convenience

All you have to do is maintain your plant properly and wait a few weeks!

Maintenance tips

Cayenne pepper, like all other varieties of fruits and vegetables, has specific water and sun needs.

First of all, the Cayenne pepper has quite a high water requirement. It will therefore be necessary to water it regularly and ensure that the root ball remains permanently moist.

The optimal temperature for your plant is between 20° and 25°. In addition, this plant needs to be exposed to the sun to develop well. It is therefore necessary to put the Cork Pot in a sunny room for the majority of the day or on a window sill which benefits directly from the rays of the sun. In winter, it will be imperative to put the plant in a place that remains sunny.

If you have any doubts about maintenance, do not hesitate to consult our blog where you can find articles and tips.

Growing and Harvesting Information

The first shoots of your plant will appear 10 days after planting the Cultivation Ball.

You can make your first harvest 4 months later.

To help the growth of your plant, you can install a small stake during planting to help the growth of the plant from the start of it.

When ripe, Cayenne Peppers will have a beautiful red color. You can then harvest them by cutting them cleanly from the plant with a knife.

For more information on growing and harvesting, please see our blog.

Use of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can be used in cooking cooked in the preparation of meals or raw. To taste it, you just have to cut it and remove the seeds it contains. The seeds can be used well in cooking but you have to be careful since they contain the substance, called capsaicin, which gives the hot flavor to the peppers.

Cayenne pepper will be ideal for oriental and exotic recipes but also in many spicy western dishes. This condiment can go very well with meat, enhance a soup or give flavor to a sauce.

For recipe ideas with cayenne pepper, do not hesitate to consult our blog.

Height: 10cm Width: 10cm

The Cork Pot is only made of cork-oak collected in France. The Growing Pod is made in France from pressed and dehydrated vegetal fibers to facilitate the delivery. French and organic seeds are directly inseminated in the Pod.


The Cork Pot is manufcatured in France, in the Landes Region, by one of the two last French cork-oak manufacturers!

The Cork Pot is only composed of cork-oak, new and upcycled from the cork-plug industry.

Find here the list of our Growing Pods' varieties:

No it isn't necessary, our plants are designed to grow inside their Cork Pots. But if you'd like, you can replant your plant either in the soil or in a larger pot, thus enabling you to start another culture in your Cork Pot!

Indeed! Once your harvest is done, you can plant another Growing Pod inside, to enjoy more harvests!

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