Liv Indoor Vegetable Garden

Grow healthy, fresh and tasty produce at home.

Awaken the gardener
who sleeps
in you

  • Guaranteed harvests

    Daily performance whatever the weather.

  • 100% organic, 0% pesticides

    Organic labeled seeds, Cultivation Clods without chemical treatment.

  • Homemade, from seed to plate

    No intermediary, no transport, no plastic packaging.

  • Variation of pleasures

    More than 17 varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs to plant, harvest and taste.

Ciao the bag of potting soil!


Order your favorite strains on the website or mobile app.


Install your Cultivation Clods in the hydroponic baskets according to our recommendations.


Add water to the tank until it reaches the maximum level.


Connect the Liv vegetable garden to the mains and discover your first shoots in a few days.


Enjoy fresh, quality products every day.

  • 01

    A 100% French sustainable product

    We have developed our connected vegetable garden with French craftsmen and industrialists with exceptional know-how, using durable and quality materials.

  • 02

    An elegant design

    Clean lines, a sober and warm design: the Liv kitchen garden is an elegant, beautiful and timeless piece of furniture that adapts perfectly to your interior.

  • 03

    State-of-the-art technology

    Developed over three years with one of the best horticultural organizations in the world, our technology guarantees you generous harvests, effortlessly.

The Urban
Cuisine app, to
avoid crashing


From assembly to configuration, our mobile application guides you step by step in the installation of your Connected Vegetable Garden.

Harvest monitoring

Which plants should I choose for my vegetable garden? How can I improve my yields? Follow our advice to perfect your gardening skills.


The URBAN CUISINE application sends you tailor-made alerts to take care of your Connected Vegetable Garden, on a daily basis.

Premium customer service

Questions ? Get personalized answers on installation, maintenance, growing and harvesting.

Who said that gardening was reserved for the 3rd age?

Do you want to share quality moments with your family? With the Liv vegetable garden, gardening becomes child's play. Whether it's raining, snowing or windy, it's an opportunity to discover nature while having fun. And to acquire patience and respect for nature.

The planet says thank you

(and your wallet too)

When nature inspires technology

Our Cultivation Clods are inspired by the best of nature to offer you healthy harvests continuously. Aware of the current challenges of agriculture, we provide an innovative response to uncertain weather, pesticides and polluted soils. The Liv vegetable garden is the return to a culture of proximity and to the nutrients that we no longer find on our plates today.

Our Cultivation Clods to plant

Choose the varieties you want to grow from 17 gourmet aromatic herbs, berries and mini-vegetables.

Explore tomorrow's food
, today

Ideal growing conditions all year round.

Autonomous water tank

The hydroponic irrigation of your Cultivation Clods ensures optimal growth of all your varieties. This is 90% less water used than in traditional agriculture.

Controlled micro-climate

The temperature, humidity level and ventilation of your indoor vegetable garden are optimized thanks to our smart sensors. Everything is automated, for faster growth than in a conventional garden.

Custom placement

The placement algorithm developed for our vegetable garden takes into account the needs of all your plants. Enough to ensure substantial harvests, up to 30 kg per year.

Optimized light panel

This energy-efficient LED panel provides the perfect light for growing your plants, from germination to harvest. 14 hours a day, even in winter.


A great classic of urban agriculture, hydroponics is an above-ground cultivation system. Seeds are sown directly into irrigated soil clods using intelligent drainage.


The ventilation of your indoor vegetable garden is triggered according to the temperature and the humidity level. Objective: perfectly controlled hygrometry.


The substrate contained in our Cultivation Clods constitutes a base rich in nutrients. It allows you to recreate optimal conditions for the growth of your plants.

Product sheet

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • Weight
  • Manufacturing materials
    Compact birch decor and powder coated steel
  • Place of production
  • Guarantee
    24 months
  • Delivery
    5 to 7 working days
  • Mobile app
    Available on App Store and Google Play

They have already adopted the Liv vegetable garden

There is a side magic trick at each opening by noting the super fast shoots!
Last weekend, we installed the parager with my 8 year old grandson. Very nice time! We look forward to following the harvests now.
We find it very beautiful and it fits perfectly in the living room. It has become the furniture for the books in the library.
In 15 days, the mint begins to look beautiful and already smells very good. Who will make good 100% homemade teas?

Choose the offer that suits you

Discover our subscription formulas for gardening all year round.

Include nature in your plans

Are you a designer of interior spaces, kitchen designer, architect? Offer your customers the experience of the Connected Vegetable Garden, the new essential household appliance.


You can grow up to 16 plants simultanesouly thanks to our Growing Pods.

Our Indoor Vegetable Garden is 80cm tall, 60cm large and 60cm wide. It is built on the home appliances' standards. Thus, it can be installed underneath a kitchen worktop. 

The water tank can contain up to 10L of water, with an autonomy of 3 weeks when the plants are still young. The watering is done by hand, through a water hole, situated on the white lid. 

With its matt steel legs and its compact birch decor frame, the Liv vegetable garden also adapts to the modern decoration of a living room or a city living room. The only obligation: to have an electrical outlet to plug in your Connected Vegetable Garden.

The Liv vegetable garden meets several eco-responsible criteria. Produced in France, it is made with durable and recyclable materials, including compact laminate, made of 65% renewable materials. Its organic cultivation clods, shaped by independent producers, are guaranteed pesticide-free. After harvest, the clods and roots can be composted. By collecting directly from your home, you benefit from an ultra-short circuit, without intermediaries and without packaging.

The water consumption of the autonomous indoor vegetable garden is 90% lower than that of a conventional garden. On the electricity side, you consume only 19 kWh per month, the equivalent of a refrigerator during the same period.

Have you decided to buy an indoor vegetable garden? When you receive your order, it will be delivered to you with 16 cultivation plugs. Install it in the room of your choice. Place the Clods in the cavities provided for this purpose, the “hydroponic baskets”. Fill the water tank and connect your connected vegetable garden to the mains. To help you, consider downloading the URBAN CUISINE application. You will be guided step by step to connect your indoor garden via Bluetooth and choose a name for it.

The Liv connected vegetable garden is based on cutting-edge technology, designed to facilitate your harvests. The autonomous lighting of the plants is regulated by an LED panel which reflects sunlight 14 hours a day, while limiting electricity consumption. The roots of your plants are protected from the light thanks to the blackout disc placed around the Cultivation Clods. For optimal lighting, the device closes to keep the light inside the vegetable garden and not to attract pests. In the same way, the device is equipped with a water tank which closes as soon as you have finalized the filling.

The indoor aromatic vegetable garden's water tank can hold 10 liters of water for a three-week autonomy. Watering is done by hand, via a water inlet located on the lid. Thanks to the LED system, the connected vegetable garden communicates its water needs. When the LED light is off, it means the water level is sufficient. When it starts flashing, it's time to add water to the tank. After a few weeks, the LED light may stay on constantly, which means that the water level is insufficient. Your connected indoor vegetable garden will be idle until you fill the water tank.

Liv's indoor vegetable garden is 100% safe, even with children or pets. CE certified, it can remain connected during the holidays, without risk of short circuit. You can garden as a family without worrying about dirtying your interior, since our compact clods leave no trace of soil.

You can order new Cultivation Clods directly on our site, individually or in batches of 4, 6 or 8 Clods. The most interesting option remains the subscription, which allows you to obtain 16 Clods of culture when purchasing the connected indoor garden and then 4 or 8 new Clods each month.

Just store them in a cool, dry place.

To receive new plants every month without effort and at an advantageous price, we suggest you take out a subscription. Monthly and without commitment, it allows you to benefit from new varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants selected by us based on your tastes and desires.

If you choose to order your Liv vegetable garden online, it will be delivered to you with the Organic Cultivation Clods within 5 to 7 working days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link from the carrier. The delivery of the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden is carbon neutral.

The URBAN CUISINE application, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, helps you on a daily basis to take care of your connected vegetable garden and achieve successful harvests. Thanks to a personalized setting, you will know which Root Ball to plant and when. Notifications ensure regular monitoring of watering. Are you wondering about a vegetable garden feature? On the yield of your harvest? You will find all the answers on your application.

If you notice a malfunction in the kitchen garden or a deterioration of your plants, start by consulting the advice given on your application. Didn't get an answer? Our 'SOS Potager' support is at your disposal. We guarantee a response within 48 hours.

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