Round Radishes in a Cork Pot

25€ (1 Cork Pot & 1 Growing Pod)

This scarlet variety is a treat for an aperitif among the youngest and the eldest! Crunchy, round radishes are just as healthy and easy to grow as they are excellent. A crunchy and scrumptious delight!

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Why should you have round radishes at home?

Radishes just have 16 calories per 100 g. You can therefore eat as much as you want without having to worry about gaining weight. Radishes are small but mighty: they are very rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and sulphur. 

You can eat your radishes raw, or add them to a salad with Gruyère cheese and vinaigrette for a light and spring-like recipe.

The little extra to shine in society

Did you know the idiom “had the radish” is used in the US-state of Vermont and in New England? It betokens an item or a person that is really messed up, broken or in deep trouble. But until now actually, the origin of this saying is not unequivocal yet.

Your future harvest at a glance


After 3-4 days


After 2 weeks


Do not wait until the radishes are too big and hollow. Pull on the radish to dig it up by grabbing it at the base of the stem.


Store your leaves in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

Our degressive prices

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1 Cork Pot + 1 Growing Pod


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Combine these varieties with Round Radishes

Compose a duo or trio of Cork Pots among 20+ varieties of aromatic herbs, small fruit & veggies and enjoy degressive prices.

Our growing pods' power

Seeds accurately dosed

We carefully insert the right amount of seeds into our Growing Pods, according to each variety, to ensure successful germination and good harvests, regardless of nature's caprices.

Local & committed production

Our Growing Plods were developed in Brittany with horticultural experts. On average we spend 6 months developing each new variety.

Patented substrate

Neither fossil resource nor material imported from the other side of the world. Our substrate is unique, developed from an existing material in Europe, and in abundance!

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The Cork Pot is manufcatured in France, in the Landes Region, by one of the two last French cork-oak manufacturers!

The Cork Pot is only composed of cork-oak, new and upcycled from the cork-plug industry.

Find here the list of our Growing Pods' varieties:

No it isn't necessary, our plants are designed to grow inside their Cork Pots. But if you'd like, you can replant your plant either in the soil or in a larger pot, thus enabling you to start another culture in your Cork Pot!

Indeed! Once your harvest is done, you can plant another Growing Pod inside, to enjoy more harvests!

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Taste & naturalness

Ultra-fresh, delicious and pesticide-free harvests.

Short circuits and traceability

Home-grown produce: from seed to plate without intermediaries.

Sustainability and commitment

Quality raw materials and valued French know-how.

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