Des graines certifiées AB et produites localement

Seeds certified AB and produced locally

Reproducible, of French origin and from Organic Farming, the seeds we select meet our requirements to offer you healthy and tasty fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs .

First of all, we only select reproducible seeds so that the plants that come from them have the same qualities as the mother plant. A reproducible seed naturally improves by adapting to the environment in which it grows. The soil, the climate and its living conditions are part of its genetic heritage and allow the seeds to adapt to external factors and therefore to give more generous plants.

In order to optimize the germination rate of our Cultivation Clods , we sow in them, by hand, the appropriate quantity of seeds according to the variety.

All our seeds are labeled “Organic Farming” . This label corresponds to a French certification making it possible to guarantee products as coming from organic farming by following strict specifications. Seeds labeled Organic Agriculture, unlike traditional seeds, have not been treated with chemical inputs. By this label, you are assured on the one hand of not ingesting pesticides or other chemicals harmful to health and on the other hand of benefiting from naturally more resistant fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. To defend against diseases and external factors, the seeds develop nutritional and antioxidant properties beneficial to health. They will also allow you to appreciate the true flavor of the strains you are growing.

Finally, the seeds we choose are all of French origin and produced locally. This allows us to support the work of farmers in our country and to remunerate them at the right price!

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