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Cherry tomato: our maintenance tips

If there is an essential for your aperitifs , it is the plant of Cherry Tomatoes blue berry, a species of Cherry Tomatoes ! Raw or cooked, it never disappoints and delights young and old alike. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and C , so it is very useful to have a plant at home.

Exposure full sun
watering every 5 days
Harvest 1st growth after 8 days and harvest after 4 months

cherry tomatoes blue berry urban kitchen EXPOSURE AND TEMPERATURE

The optimum temperature for your tomato plant is between 20° and 25° . This plant needs to be exposed to the sun to grow well.


We recommend that you water abundantly every 5 days . When watering, avoid leaves that can otherwise develop disease. When the first fruits appear, you can decrease the amount of water.


The first shoot will emerge after 8 days and you can harvest your first crop 4 months later.


We advise you to install a stake from the beginning of the growth of the plant, and then to cut the first branches close to the ground to help the development of the roots.

organic potted cherry tomatoes
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