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Common chives: our care tips

Chives are an aromatic herb whose stem and flower can be used as a condiment. It is eaten raw , freshly cut , because cooking kills all flavor. Its light garlic taste will enhance your salads and vegetable dishes.

Exposure partial shade then full sun (adult)
watering two to three times a week then less regularly (adult)
Harvest harvested throughout the year; cut well at ground level

common chives urban cuisine


The ideal temperature for your green chive plant is 15° to 20° . During the germination phase, avoid exposing your plant to direct sunlight because it is still too sensitive to its rays. Once mature, the plant can be exposed to the sun.


During the germination phase , the root ball must be kept moist by watering it regularly . Once adult chives no longer like humidity, it should be watered only when its root ball becomes dry.


The first shoot will emerge between 8 to 12 days and the first leaves after 1 month . When the flowers start to appear, we advise you to cut them to stimulate the growth of new shoots.


It is possible to prolong the growth of chives in winter by putting a bell on it to maintain a temperature above 12°.

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