Generous harvests

Thanks to the Urban Cuisine mobile application

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Take advantage of all the features of your connected vegetable garden.

Thanks to the personalized tracking of plantations, control your indoor vegetable garden with ease.

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    Cultivate 16 varieties simultaneously

    The Urban Cuisine mobile application guides you step by step to install your LIV indoor garden without effort and grow up to 16 plants simultaneously, all year round.

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    Follow each plant in real time

    For each Growing Pod, our three courses tell you the planting and harvesting stages.

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    Receive tailor -made alerts

    Wherever you are, receive personalized alerts and notifications on your smartphone or tablet to take care of your vegetable garden.

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    Become one of the best connected gardeners

    Discover the story and the benefits of each variety, learn how to improve your yields, test new recipes ... and find the answers to all your questions in the SOS Vegetable Garden section.

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    Maintain your vegetable garden with ease

    The indoor vegetable garden was designed to last years. Take care! The mobile application guides you, step by step, to clean each of its components.

Download the application

Imagine a garden where fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs grow in abundance. Imagine that this garden is right there, in your kitchen! The Connected vegetable garden Liv is based on advanced technology, designed by horticultural engineers and experts to guarantee the best yields. With our application, you benefit from this innovative algorithm, via a secure Bluetooth connection.

Simplified handling

From configuration to assembly, from planting to harvest, our mobile application accompanies you to take advantage of your connected vegetable garden. Which plants to choose? How to improve my yields? When to get watering? Follow our personalized advice on the operation, maintenance and harvesting of your plants.

How it works?

As soon as you have ordered your Liv vegetable garden, download the Urban Cuisine app

Follow the guide to assemble and connect your interior vegetable garden

Install your Growing Pods and benefit from all our advice to plant, maintain and harvest your different varieties.

A doubt ? A thorn in the vegetable garden? Go to the SOS Vegetable Garden section to access frequent questions or contact us.