Our team

Do our best and surround yourself with the best. This is how we wanted to develop Urban Cuisine from the first day.

To allow everyone to consume quality fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs

And thus transform cities thanks to urban agriculture.

Joséphine Thebault


My dream with Urban Cuisine

Create a unique experience, where everyone (re) discovers the pleasure of consuming fruits and vegetables that smell good, which are beautiful and have taste, cultivated every morning in pajamas, from their apartment!

Antoine Lorcy

General director

My dream with Urban Cuisine

That the use of the connected vegetable garden is democratized and becomes an essential object of a well -equipped kitchen. To remove the last food and reduce emissions and packaging.

Our Advisors

Ludovic HURAUX

Expertise: Commercial

Ludovic LanceAttractive world With Vincent Bobin in 2007. The dating site for demanding singles quickly becomes leader of its market and the company was sold in 2016 to a German competitor. He naturally continues with the adventure ofShaper, still in the company of Vincent Bobin. The company is developing several verticals, such as Shapr Talent and Shapr Founder.

Alexis Angot

Expertises: Finance, Agtech

Alexis co -foundedYnsect, Insect breeding for transformation into ingredients for pets and breeding. He was DAF from 2011 to mid-2017, then secretary general until his departure in mid-2020. Since this departure, he advises startups, investment funds and incubators. He is also a graduate beekeeper of the central beekeeping company and master composter of the Jean Pain committee.

Ana Webanck

Expertises: branding, logistics

Ana spent 10 years atMy Little Paris, where she started an intern and finished like COO and E-commerce director. It built the entire operations part (logistics, shipments, after -sales service) and supported the company's scale (from 5 to 130 employees). After spending 10 years of creative, she now intends to put creativity in order. This is why she created Vfactory, an e-logistics agency.

Roman Liot

Expertises: e-commerce

Co-founder and coo ofAdorem, an e-commerce start-up revolutionizing fashion industry towards a more sustainable fashion, starting with the lingerie market. Romain is the head of the adorem teams, 400 employees across the United States and Europe, whose operations and marketing it mainly manages. Romain led adores to exponential growth since its creation at more than $ 140M in 2020.

Vincent Bobin

Expertises: communication

Between 2000 and 2008, Vincent participated in the launch of several companies such as Expedia, Le Bon Coin then Logic-Immo, mainly on strategic aspects and marketing before co-founder Attractive world where he notably managed marketing and communication. He is now co-founder of Shaper, second company he develops with Ludovic Huraux.

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