Basilic Grand Vert : nos conseils d'entretien

Grand Vert Basil: our care tips


Discover all our advice and tips for taking care of your Organic Grand Vert Basil plant indoors!

The big green basil is a variety that will delight your taste buds! This aromatic plant, very present in Italian cuisine and in many Asian cuisines, is essential for your indoor vegetable garden .

A legend affirms that it would be necessary to insult the plant to ensure its good growth. There is nothing more false ! On the contrary, we advise you to sprinkle it with love.

To ensure the good growth of your Basil plant, it is essential that it receives enough water and sun , which are the two main conditions to ensure you beautiful 100% homemade harvests!

Exposure sun
Watering regular, needs a lot of water
Harvest according to your needs and before the appearance of flowers


In order to facilitate the cultivation of Basil for everyone, we have developed optimized Cultivation Clods .
So you won't need a bag of seeds, or a bag of soil or potting soil since our Clods already contain everything you need to grow your plant!

Indeed, our Grand Vert Basil Root Ball is made from a blend of plant fibers that will let the roots grow and flourish as your plant grows.
We have mixed the essential nutrients for the proper development of your plant directly into these compacted plant fibres, so that your Basil lacks nothing and can germinate and develop in the best possible way, to ensure abundant harvests for several months.

Finally, we add organic Basil Grand Vert seeds directly to our root balls, to make your job easier and to offer you an easy-to-use, ready-to-use product.
Our seeds are all of French origin and labeled "Organic Agriculture". It is essential for us to offer you seeds of excellent quality, which is why our suppliers, specialists in organic and gardening, are carefully selected, in order to then ensure the most tasty and nutritious plant possible.
We put several seeds per root ball, to ensure that germination takes place (nature is sometimes capricious and some seeds will never germinate) but not too many seeds either, because it is important that each of them can develop. correctly and manages to draw enough nutrients from the root ball to grow and ensure good harvests!
So you don't have to sow anything, everything is thought out to offer you the simplest possible planting and cultivation!

basil root ball

To grow healthily and give you the best possible harvests, your Grand Vert Basil needs soil that is loaded with nutrients and drains water easily. This is why we have spent more than a year developing our Cultivation Clods. To be able to offer you an easy and effective alternative to traditional gardening soil or to the sometimes too light soil of your outdoor spaces.

Our Motte is then offered to you in a Cork Pot, a Balcony Box or our Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden , in order to offer you a culture indoors or outdoors, and all year round, whether or not you have an outdoor space. , a garden, a terrace or a balcony.
Our Pot is therefore ready to plant when you receive it, enough to allow all those who do not have a green thumb to finally enjoy quality fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs all year round!


Upon receipt of your Motte, it is necessary to rehydrate it. Do not hesitate to pass it under water for a few seconds, until it becomes dark and more malleable. You can then insert it into your URBAN CUISINE product.

If you grow your Motte in our Cork Pot, designed for indoor cultivation, don't worry about not seeing a hole at the bottom. Indeed, we have chosen a completely insulating container in order to offer you the easiest product possible to use! You just have to pass the Pot under a water tap and empty the excess water when you water your Motte.

potted organic basil
If you grow your root ball in our Balconnière , discover our specific explanations here.
When receiving your Motte, the seeds will not be visible. Indeed, they are installed under a thin layer of substrate (our mixture of plant fibers) to ensure the best possible conditions for their development.
Once your Motte is well established and humidified, the cultivation of your Basil Grand Vert can begin!


The first stage in the development of your plant is germination.
This stage, also called "sowing" by professionals, is when the seed will release the first shoots of your plant.
These first shoots will appear after 8-10 days, depending on the light and the sun received and the temperature of the Motte.

Make sure that it is at least 20°C in your house or apartment (below 15° your plant will not be able to develop) and that the plant is exposed to sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, ideally behind a window open to the south, so be careful in winter!

You will then discover very small green leaves, which will then become a beautiful Basil plant, ready to taste!

Make sure the soil stays moist during this first sowing period. If the air is very dry, don't hesitate to cover your pot with plastic wrap to keep a humid atmosphere in the Motte, you can remove it as soon as the first leaves appear.


As soon as the first shoots have grown and small, thin stems appear, you can begin to space out the waterings.
Water your plant twice a week, roughly every 3 to 4 days . To find out whether or not it's time to water your plant, stick a finger in the root ball, if the soil is wet a few centimeters from the surface, it's good! Otherwise, slide your Motte under a water source quickly.

Be careful to pour the water on the Motte directly and not on the leaves or the stem because the plant feeds mainly through its roots, which are now more and more numerous in the Motte!

Always pay attention to the light provided to your plants! During this new phase of growth, it is very important that the Basil continues to be exposed to the sun for several hours a day, so that it can develop properly and then offer you beautiful leaves with an fragrant fragrance and an exquisite taste!

Continue to ventilate the room in which the Basil is located throughout its development, so that the air circulates and can be renewed around the plant as well. It is essential that the air does not stagnate for your plant to develop.


For aromatic herbs, the cut is very important! Be careful where you cut your stems or leaves because some little tricks can make your plant last much longer.

Here are our recommendations for Basil:

  • During the days following the start of growth, your plant will continue to grow and will soon be ready to eat!
  • As soon as it has exceeded ten centimeters, you can start harvesting your first leaves and cooking them as you wish!
  • Then cut the highest leaves with fine scissors.
  • This will allow your plant to grow more vigorously and develop better in the weeks to come.

You can then cut the upper leaves regularly , about every fortnight , depending on the development of your plant.

Harvesting basil should be done just before the flowers appear. indeed, it is at this time that the leaves are the most beautiful and the freshest. The basil flower can be seen quickly with the naked eye, so you can easily tell when it's time to harvest your leaves!
To guarantee a generous basil plant in leaves, we advise you to pinch the stems to avoid the production of flowers, as soon as the first one has appeared. This will allow your plant to focus on leaf growth rather than flower production.

Never pick more than a third of your plant's leaves. Indeed, it could weaken it. on the contrary, pick only the leaves you need in order to preserve its energy and continue to produce more and more beautiful leaves, on strong stems!

If you need more leaves, then cut an entire stem from your plant, just above two pretty leaves, which will allow your Basil Grand Vert to continue to grow and soon provide you with even more leaves to consume !


Unlike other aromatic herbs, Basil Grand Vert needs a lot of water and knows how to make itself heard when it is thirsty!
Indeed, as soon as the plant begins to wilt, it is time to water it. Then pour a small amount of water, wait for everything to be absorbed and repeat until a trickle of water stagnates on the surface, a sign that your plant has drunk enough.

The hours following watering, do not hesitate to place your plant in the shade if it is very hot, so that the Motte does not burn in the sun and burn the roots of your plants!

Your basil plant should then appear in better shape. You can also scissor the dead leaves or leaves that do not come back after 4 to 5 hours to let the plant continue to develop.


Once your Basil plant has been harvested for several months, you can buy a refill, changing the Cultivation Ball and thus continue to use your Pot to enjoy a new harvest: mint , chives , parsley , coriander , tomato , pepper , pepper ... You are spoiled for choice to enjoy new 100% homemade crops, with or without a garden or outdoor space!
Our range of varieties allows you to take advantage of spring, summer, autumn and winter plants and to cultivate your varieties without sowing or planting, simply by watering our Cultivation Plug.
Our refill system is available in store at our partner stores or directly from our website, in the Mottes de Culture category.


We offer several delivery methods, including in-store pickup if you are in Paris.
Take advantage of plants indoors or outdoors all year round thanks to our different varieties: parsley, chives, mint, coriander and accumulate them to recreate a real urban vegetable garden in your kitchen or living room!


If your plant does not seem to be in better shape, do not hesitate to send us a photo of it on our social networks so that we can give you our opinion and perhaps allow your plants to regain their shape!

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