Potager pour Enfant : jardinez simplement avec vos enfants !

Vegetable garden for children: simply garden with your children!


Finding occupations for your children is not always an easy task... And all the more so when you live in an apartment without a garden or terrace. But, have you thought about indoor gardening ?

URBAN CUISINE has created a range of products perfect for turning gardening into an easy and fun activity. You will be able to have fresh and quality fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs all year round!

Find out why gardening is the ideal activity to do as a family!

Why garden with your children?

Organic mint herbs jar

Today, gardening seems like a perfect family activity.

On the one hand, gardening with your children will allow you to spend quality time with them. On the other hand, this activity will allow them to discover in a playful way what nature offers them.

First of all, for the little ones, it will be an activity with an important educational side. Children will be able to discover nature in a different way, touch the earth, observe crops grow, smell flowers, eat a freshly picked product... Gardening will therefore stimulate all of the child's senses in addition to making him discover a whole new activity !

Thanks to an indoor vegetable garden , children will have the opportunity on the one hand to learn a lot about nature and on the other hand to develop qualities such as patience. At their level, of course, they will be able to garden, cultivate different products and feel responsible for their crops.

cork jars At the same time, gardening will allow children to understand the life cycle of the food you have in your vegetable garden. Indeed, a radish plant grows in just a few days while a tomato plant takes several weeks to develop. Children will be able to see all the stages of development of their plants until the varieties planted in the vegetable garden offer quality fruits and vegetables. Through this process, children will appreciate differently the foods they eat every day.

By growing fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs at home, your children will also be able to participate more in the preparation and production of their meals. They can thus develop a taste for cooking the dishes they love using fresh and healthy foods for their bodies and their growth. It can also make children aware of the consumption of fresh products with good nutrients and fibers for them by comparing what they eat at home with what they eat outside.

Now is the time to turn your child into an apprentice gardener!


How to make a playful vegetable garden for the whole family?

To garden, many tools are often necessary such as pots, a shovel or even a rake... All this material which sometimes appears to be dangerous for children or cumbersome in a small area can be excluded! Indeed, URBAN CUISINE has created several products, each with a small kit to facilitate your experience and make it safer for children!

Cultivation Clods

URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clods make it easy to enjoy a plant of fruit, vegetables or aromatic herbs all year round!

If you choose Cultivation Clods to grow your fresh food , you won't need to sow seeds or use potting soil to plant them! Indeed, these are already sown with a sufficient number of seeds to guarantee the growth of your plants. The root ball is also optimized thanks to the vegetable fibers and nutrients contained in each root ball.

The children will therefore have only a few tasks to perform: watering each Motte regularly and ensuring that each plant grows properly. Depending on the age of your children, you can give them a task to perform or leave them responsible for one of the Cultivation Mounds. To further guarantee the growth of your plants, you can consult our articles and maintenance tips on our blog!

Cultivation Clods

If you don't have pots for gardening , you can still plant your Cultivation Clods! For example, you can use your stock of jam jars, which can be decorated by your children, to grow them. If you have young children, you can also plant them in a large wooden box at their height, for easier access for the whole family!

With URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clods, you can now enjoy Grand Vert Basil , Green Mint and Flat Parsley .

Cork Pots 

URBAN CUISINE offers you Cork Pots that allow you to grow a variety of your choice all year round. Each Cork Pot is accompanied by its Cultivation Clod. This can be an ideal format if you want each of your children to have their own mini vegetable garden for which they are responsible.

Cork pots were also created to make gardening easier! Indeed, you will only have to plant your Cultivation Ball already sown in the Cork Pot and take care of the water and sun needs of the plant. A simple interview aimed at both adults without gardening expertise and beginner children!

URBAN CUISINE offers you to grow Green Mint , Great Green Basil , Flat Parsley and Common Chives in your Cork Pot. You can also choose to order the Cork Pots in duo or trio !

The Balconniere

La Balconnière is a product that allows you to simultaneously grow two fruit, vegetable or aromatic herb plants all year round. The Balconnière kit is made up of a bag of clay balls, a bag of substrate and two Cultivation Clods of your choice. So you have nothing to plan or add and as soon as you deliver, you can start planting your Clods! Since it can be installed outdoors, the Balconnière needs a little more attention than the Pot en Liège. With a Balconnière, children will be able to discover more fully traditional gardening.

If it can be hung on a balcony , the Balconnière can just as well be placed on a worktop for easier access for children.

Which plants to garden with your children?

If you want to garden with your children, we advise you to favor varieties that are easy to maintain so that your children can really take part in this activity.

Having herbs will allow children to familiarize themselves with the type of plants , distinguish their scent and appreciate the flavors they bring to all of your dishes. If each variety has particular water and sun needs, it will generally suffice to keep the plant moist and to expose it to daylight for at least a few hours.

You can also grow certain fruits and vegetables that are easy to maintain such as Cherry Tomatoes , Mini Peppers or Cayenne Peppers . These are products that your family will be able to eat every day since they are found in many diverse and varied recipes. To optimize their growth, it will be necessary to make sure to water the plants regularly and expose them to the sun.

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