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Cut lettuce: our care tips

Lettuce for cutting: description and varieties

Description of the variety

Cut lettuce is valued for its foliage, especially in summer and spring for preparing salads. It is eaten raw most of the time but, like cabbage, lettuce leaves can be eaten cooked. Like other vegetables, lettuce to cut brings many nutritional benefits: vitamins, minerals, soluble fibers ... Lettuce to cut is a variety that differs from other types of lettuce in that it does not form apple like blond lettuce but only leaves. It is easy to grow due to its rapid growth and can regrow after harvest.

Varieties of lettuce

There are many varieties of cut lettuce, the most widely used being oak lettuce. She is, however, far from being the only one. Also, you have surely already been able to appreciate the colorful foliage of lettuces varying from light green to dark, pink, red or even purple. Those that stand out the most are the perennial cut lettuces for their pretty lilac-colored flowers and the red lettuces: bowl and red batavia. You can also find bowl cut lettuce and batavia cut lettuce with green foliage.

Planting cut lettuce and tips

The choice of seeds

To be able to start your lettuce planting, it is important to choose wisely the type of seeds you want to sow. URBAN CUISINE recommends using organic seeds labeled "Organic Farming" . These organic seeds are in accordance with environmental standards and their certification is a guarantee of their quality since they have not undergone any harmful chemical treatment. This therefore justifies their price, which is often higher than the price of other types of seeds.

Planting and care tips

Growing cut lettuce is quite easy , which makes it an excellent vegetable to start your vegetable garden and stock up on vegetables at home. It appreciates the sun, in moderate quantity, and can therefore be cultivated in the garden. However, it is better to place it in partial shade, being careful to water it often: the soil must always be moist. Too much sun can cause your lettuce to bolt and affect the crop yield. Cut lettuce plants also germinate very well on balconies or terraces. Sowing can be done in winter from February, in spring or summer until September. For this, the soil must be prepared. If you cultivate in your garden, you will first have to plow your land over 20 cm and prepare furrows spaced 25 cm apart. If your plantation is done in balcony, use a pot or a window box of at least 20cm. Once you have your stock of organic seeds, sow the plants in the ground 1cm deep. Finally, cover the plants, then water the soil. It will be necessary to check that the slugs do not eat the foliage of your lettuces if your sowing was done in the garden. Also take care that birds do not eat the seeds after sowing.

Harvest tips

Very quickly you will see the bulbs grow and the leaves appear in the soil after 5 to 7 days . Harvesting takes place between 1 to 2 months after sowing , a date which may vary depending on the variety. You can then cut the leaves 1 or 2 cm from the ground to prepare your salads both in winter and during spring and summer.

Maintain your vegetable garden with URBAN CUISINE

Description of URBAN KITCHEN products

URBAN CUISINE wants to democratize urban agriculture. For this, we offer our customers a range of products and accessories that facilitate indoor cultivation. If you want to grow your plants on a balcony or on a terrace, the Balconnière will allow you to grow different varieties in winter, spring, summer and autumn. You can also use our Cork Pots , in particular the Potted Organic Cut Lettuce or diversify your plants with our Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden . The latter is a practical product for indoor cultivation because it reproduces sunlight, keeps the soil moist and automatically waters your plants. This is very suitable for the cultivation of cut lettuce and promotes the harvest. For your lettuces and other plants, you can also choose our Cultivation Clods in which the organic seeds are already sown.

Our Cultivation Clods are composed of vegetable fibers which provide all the nutrients (magnesium, calcium, iron) necessary for your plants . The sowing of our Cultivation Clods is based on seeds labeled "Organic Farming". For your salads, we recommend the Organic Cut Lettuce in a Pot and the Organic Motte de Mâche , which you just have to place in a Cork Pot and water before waiting for the harvest date. You can also benefit from our maintenance tips for your vegetable gardens.

Order UC products

Cultivating your vegetable garden with URBAN CUISINE is simple! Order the desired product on our website, the delivery is designed so that you can dispose of it easily . The Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden is already assembled, and the Clods only have to be placed in the Cork Pots . Your orders are protected by fully recyclable cardboard packaging. Then, our advice for maintaining your vegetable garden can help you choose your varieties if you want to expand your plantation.

Our preparation tips

To savor your lettuce and other vegetables, we suggest several easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes . Lettuce leaves can be in salads, both as a starter and as a main course. Moist and light, lettuce brings freshness and deliciousness. Organic Big Seed Lamb's Mash leaves go very well with mozzarella and Bayonne ham for a light and tasty meal. Lettuce leaves also go very well in salads with cabbage leaves. For more recipes, see the advice tab where you will find suggestions for many varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Do not hesitate to leave your opinion on social networks.

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