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Flat Parsley: our care tips

Flat-leaf parsley is an aromatic herb that can be used in a thousand ways in the kitchen : bouquet garni, salad, sauce, ... It is essential for any good cook! In addition to being an herb appreciated for its aroma , this plant is used for its rich supply of vitamin C. Indeed, at equivalent weight, it contains more than lemon or kiwi!

Exposure partial shade
watering regular watering at first then more occasional
Harvest as needed to keep the flavors


The ideal temperature for your flat-leaf parsley plant is 22 °. During the germination phase, a lower temperature of around 15° will be preferable. Your flat-leaf parsley plant will be happy in the sun.


During the germination phase, keep the root ball moist by watering it regularly . Once adult, flat parsley requires little maintenance , occasional watering will be sufficient.


The first shoot will emerge after 2 or 3 weeks depending on the plants.


It is possible to prolong the growth of flat-leaf parsley in winter by putting a bell on it to maintain a temperature above 12°.

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