Comment congeler de la Coriandre ?

How to freeze coriander?

Follow our tips and tricks for successful freezing of your Coriander leaves.

After a successful harvest of your fresh Coriander leaves in your URBAN CUISINE Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden , on your Cultivation Ball , yourCork Pot or your Window Box , you are wondering what are the best techniques for preserving your aromatic herbs while preserving their taste . Know that Coriander is an aromatic plant that freezes very well . Freezing is the best trick to preserve this aromatic because it preserves all its flavor. Find our recipes to use your Coriander, such as Cultivated Coriander Pesto as well as all our varieties of aromatic plants and organic fruits and vegetables .

There are several methods for freezing Coriander:

  • Preparing Coriander for Freezing:

Select the fresh coriander stalks you wish to freeze. It is important to choose the freshest possible stems with green leaves . Once the Coriander stems have been selected , rinse the leaves with clear, cold water.
For the next step in preparing for freezing, boil water in a saucepan. Dip your coriander stalks in boiling water for about twenty seconds . Then dip the aromatic herbs in ice water for a few seconds.

  • Freezing in a bag:

You can directly freeze all the stems of your Coriander. But you can also select the leaves you want to freeze and get rid of the stems. Before placing your Coriander in the freezer bag, it is advisable to sprinkle your aromatic plant with olive oil to protect it from the cold of freezing. You can now place your herbs in the freezer bag. If you have chosen to place all the stems in the bag, make sure that these are straight and well distributed , as well as the leaves, you may need several bags. Eliminate the air in the freezer bag, taking care not to crush your Coriander. You can store your bag of Coriander in the freezer, making sure the leaves are flat .

  • Freezing Coriander in olive oil:

For this method, you must start by cutting the Coriander . Coarsely chop your coriander leaves . You can save the stems or discard them. Place your coarsely chopped herbs in a blender . You can now add olive oil to it. This will allow an even better preservation of the taste and texture of the Coriander leaves. Mix everything for a few seconds . Do not blend too long because you need to be able to distinguish the small bits of herbs. Once this action is done, with a spoon, transfer the mixture of olive oil and Coriander into an ice cube tray . When your ice cubes are well formed, you can place them in a freezer bag .

  • Freezing Coriander in Butter

Start by chopping your coriander leaves . Heat a slab of butter at room temperature, not too hot because the pieces of butter must remain in solid form. In a bowl add the minced coriander and the block of butter, cut into several pieces if that is easier. You can add lemon, salt and pepper or garlic to the mixture to make a sort of marinade. After mixing well, wrap the butter in foil and place it in the fridge . Once the butter has hardened, you can place it in a freezer bag and store it in the freezer .

Consumption of frozen coriander

Although frozen coriander will last longer than fresh coriander, it is important to note the use-by dates after freezing . If you opted for the plain freezing method, it is best to use your coriander leaves within 2 months . For freezing in olive oil, it's about 3 months . Note that for the method of preservation with butter, it must be consumed within a month and within 5 days if you have stored your butter in the refrigerator. To store cilantro longer, see our article " How to store cilantro? ".

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