Growing more than just plants

in our vegetable gardens.

Indoor and kitchen vegetable gardens, easy-to-use and Made in France

Discover our Indoor Vegetable Garden

Creating small green spaces for city-dwellers


A range of gardens for every single desire that are easy to use thanks to the Growing Pods.

Unique & didactic

We offer a tailor-made subscription, a placement algorithm, but most of all, entertaining content.

Committed & transparent

Craftsmanship, French manufacturing, quality materials and seeds labeled “Organic Agriculture”.

The Indoor Vegetable Garden

A large space for the plants

An optimal environment for the growth

A design matching your interior

€350 Pre-order until September 30th


Cork Pots


Our traditional vegetable gardens

0% connected, 100% old-school. You’re more enthusiastic about traditional methods and not really into connected and automatized devices? For the embodiment of your own vegetable garden, we also accompany indoor-watering fans as well as those who are eager to let their plants see the sunlight.

Balcony Planters

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Our Growing Pods

Choose your plants out of more than 20 varieties of aromatic herbs, small fruit and mini veggies.

The URBAN CUISINE experience

Beyond our products, our ambition is to enable everyone to cultivate fruit, vegetables and herbs directly at home, effortlessly.

Doing and learning together

Let’s cultivate our plants and spirits in order to turn gardening into a family and enriching activity.

Let nature come towards you

Get your Growing Pods directly into your mailbox every month! Our tailor-made subscription is easy, practical, and flexible.

Découvrir l'abonnement

Every plant has its (best) place

Having nature as a source of inspiration, our algorithm helps you to find the ideal place for every Growing Pod.

À propos de notre Potager Connecté

Un meuble design produit en matériaux nobles permettant à tous de profiter de délicieuses plantes et aromates directement dans sa cuisine ou son salon.

Notre Potager Connecté est un vrai jardin d'intérieur ! Un meuble en bois, qui peut s'insérer facilement sous un plan de travail en cuisine ou prendre place dans votre salon. Il permet de cultiver jusqu'à 16 plants de fruits, légumes et herbes aromatiques parmi lesquels : basilic, persil, menthe, ciboulette, coriandre, tomates, poivrons, piments, radis, navets, carottes, laitues, mâche...

Afin de vous proposer l'expérience la plus agréable possible, tous les paramètres de culture sont optimisés : réservoir et niveau d'eau, éclairage LED basse consommation, température, niveau d'humidité... Vous n'avez qu'à planter vos recharges, nos Mottes de Culture pour profiter toute l'année de produits frais, sans pesticides, directement depuis chez vous !

Our Values

Taste & naturalness

Ultra-fresh, delicious and pesticide-free harvests.

Short circuits and traceability

Home-grown produce: from seed to plate without intermediaries.

Sustainability and commitment

Quality raw materials and valued French know-how.

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