Liv, le potager

Cultivez des produits sains, frais et savoureux toute l'année

Liv, the indoor
vegetable garden

Grow healthy, tasty and fresh produce, all-year-long!

Liv, le potager

Cultivez des produits sains, frais et savoureux toute l'année

Liv, le potager

Cultivez des produits sains, frais et savoureux toute l'année

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The indoor vegetable garden

Full door

The indoor vegetable garden

+16 Growing Pods offered

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including €5 eco-participation

The indoor vegetable garden

Glass door

The indoor vegetable garden

+16 Growing Pods offered

to get started

including €5 eco-participation

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Liv, the intuitive indoor vegetable garden as easy to use
as a dishwasher

Within 10 days, enjoy your first harvests
Order the varieties of your choice in the blink of an eye
Organize your Growing Pods according to our recommendations
Enjoy tasty and fresh harvests every day
And up to 3 kilos of fruits, vegetables and herbs per month

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, gardening becomes a breeze!

From the look and smell to the exceptional taste of the fresh fruits and vegetables, your favorite varieties are close to hand

Quick grip: 15 minutes of installation only
Up to 3 kilos of healthy and safe harvests per month, directly in your home
Harvest just a few minutes before eating
365 days of harvest come rain, shine or snow!

Take your harvests in hand with the mobile app experience

The Urban Cuisine app guides and advises you from growth to harvest, directly on your smartphone

Do you want to know more about our vegetable gardens?

Joséphine, co-founder of Urban Cuisine, offers a free 15-minute exchange to make you discover the live vegetable garden and answer all your questions!

Our clients say it better

Michelin-starred chefs, kindergartens, couples, families, senior facilities and restaurants already love it!


“I really want one at home and several in my restaurant”

Madame Levy

“The concept is great and it feels good to have a 100% Made in France product!”


“This is awesome, I'm impressed!”


“I didn't thought it would grow this fast, what a good suprise for the lettuce, I don't event need to buy some anymore.”


“We love its design and it perfectly fits in our living-rrom!”


“Excellente activité avec nos jumeaux de 4 ans ! En plus, ils n'ont pas les mêmes goûts, tout le monde récolte ce qu'il aime.”


“Je ne pensais pas que l'installation serait si simple ! C'est vraiment bien fait.”

Urban Cuisine answers your questions


What is my vegetable garden made of?

When you have already given you in its unique cardboard, our LIV interior vegetable garden includes the following elements:

1) A compact birch effect structure and matt steel

2) a low-consumption LED panel, tailor-made

3) A fan

4) An electronic case

5) A reservoir with its culture plate and 16 buckets allowing you to plant your crop clods there

What does the price of the vegetable garden include?

The indoor vegetable garden is now sold at a price of € 499 with its full door and € 550 with the glass door option.

The price includes the interior vegetable garden, 16 first clods of culture of your choice and the free delivery.

How many plants can I cultivate simultaneously?

Liv allows you to cultivate up to 16 plants simultaneously and harvest up to 3 kilos of fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs per month.

Qu’inclut le prix du potager d'intérieur ?

Le potager d'intérieur Liv est aujourd'hui vendu au prix de 499€ avec sa porte pleine et 550€ avec l'option porte vitrée.

Le prix comprend le potager d'intérieur, 16 premières Mottes (une plante par Motte) etla livraison offerte au pied du camion en France métropolitaine. Il est ensuite prêt à être utilisé !

Combien de plants puis-je cultiver simultanément ?

Liv permet de planter jusqu’à 16 plantes simultanément et de récolter jusqu'à 3 kilos de légumes, micro-pousses et herbes aromatiques par mois.

What are the dimensions and weight of LIV?

Liv has dimensions similar to those of a conventional dishwasher (LXLXH): 60x60x80 cm and weighs 32 kilos empty.

Are there several dimensions?

At Urban Cuisine, we have chosen to develop large capacity interior vegetable gardens, to obtain several kilos per month of fresh products. Our first vegetable garden, Liv, has the standard dimensions of a dishwasher (LXLXH): 60x60x80 cm. Other vegetable gardens are envisaged in the coming months.

Does the interior vegetable garden make noise?

No ! Urban kitchen interior vegetable gardens were designed so as not to produce noise or bright nuisance.


What to grow in my vegetable vegetable patch?

17 Varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs are now available: cherry tomato, mini carrot, large green basil, common chives, large seeds, cultivated coriander, giant winter spinach, cutting lettuce, green mint, mini Pepper, Aneth Tetra Gold, flat parsley, Cayenne pepper, round radish, Rosemary Officinal, Mini turnip, common thyme.

To renew your harvests, simply recharge the vegetable garden with new Crop clods.

New varieties will be available in the coming months, do not hesitate to tell us about your desires!

Is my vegetable garden independent?

Apart from the filling of the tank, which has an autonomy of 3 weeks, all the necessary settings are automatically triggered (temperature, ignition, brightness, irrigation, etc.).
Your vegetable garden is perfectly independent!

How does the water tank work?

The vegetable patch tank is a tank that fills up to a "max" level line, visible on the front of the tank. The roots of varieties will then develop by drawing the volume of water they need directly from this tank, depending on their development stage.

Why are the locations of the buckets numbered?

The locations are numbered from 1 to 16 and are linked to the Urban Cuisine mobile application, which advises you in the positioning of your plants according to the varieties chosen, in order to ensure the best yields.

Do I need to turn off my vegetable garden regularly?

No. Once connected, our LIV vegetable vegetable patch lights up the plants 14 hours a day (which corresponds to the natural cycle of the sun) then turns automatically for 10 hours and turns back on again.

How do I go on vacation?

Thanks to its 3 -week autonomy, you can leave your interior vegetable garden on your vacation and come back to harvest your fresh fruits and vegetables!

Is the vegetable garden sure?

Yes, absolutely! We are very happy to announce that our LIV interior vegetable garden has been certified by an independent laboratory, ensuring the same level of safety as your other household appliances.

Mobile app

What is the mobile application for?

The Urban Cuisine mobile application, available on Apple Store and Play Store, allows a personalized and optimized experience. Thanks to its recommendations, it ensures the best yields and reminds you when filling your tank or collecting your plants for example.

Is the mobile application free?

Yes, our mobile application is free and can be directly downloaded from all blinds.

Is the mobile application essential to use the interior vegetable garden?

No, our Liv interior vegetable garden can be used alone, without a mobile application. However, if you want to enrich and personalize your gardening experience, it is highly recommended.

Order and delivery

Under how many days can I receive my vegetable garden after order?

In 5 to 10 working days depending on the distance from Brittany, a place to ship our vegetable gardens.

Can I pay in several times?

Yes ! Your basket can be set in 3 or 4 times thanks to our Alma payment partner. You only have to select this option at the time of online payment.

How is my vegetable garden delivered?

Once ordered, your vegetable garden is delivered assembled. You will need only 15 minutes to install it. You will only have to connect it, place the crop clods and fill the tank!

Puis-je payer en plusieurs fois ?

Oui ! Votre panier peut être réglé en 3 ou 4 fois grâce à notre partenaire de paiement Alma. Vous n’avez qu’à sélectionner cette option au moment du paiement en ligne.

Quelles sont les options de livraison possibles ?

Nous vous proposons 3 options :

- Standard : En rez-de-chaussée, au pied du camion ;

- Premium : À l'étage, dans la pièce de votre choix ;

- Luxe : Déballage et installation dans la pièce de votre choix.

Les modes Premium et Luxe peuvent prendre un peu plus de temps car un deuxième transporteur doit intervenir. Comptez 15 jours pour recevoir votre produit.

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