Comment faire sécher du romarin ?

How to dry rosemary?

Rosemary, this aromatic plant in a nutshell

Rosemary is one of the most emblematic aromatic herbs of southern cuisine, like Thyme with which it is often associated, and for good reason, Rosemary plants grow wild around the Mediterranean. URBAN CUISINE offers you several recipes to enjoy the flavor of Rosemary such as the tasty Leg of lamb with garlic and Rosemary Officinal . You can also use this plant for sweet recipes such as Apricot Tart and Rosemary Officinal . Finally, for a moment of relaxation and well-being, we recommend the Herbal Tea with Rosemary Officinal .

Store your rosemary leaves

There are several solutions to keep this aromatic herb in order to consume it all year round. First, freezing . After having finely cut the Rosemary leaves, you can place the herbs in an ice cube tray filled with water and thus place your aromatic plants in the freezer. This technique perfectly preserves all the flavor of your aromatic rosemary leaves.

Drying Rosemary can be a simple and effective method for preserving your aromatic herbs. URBAN CUISINE explains everything for successful drying!

First of all, know that Rosemary is an aromatic plant that is very easy to dry .
For a 100% natural method, you can cut the stems, place them in a shady place in hot temperatures and dry weather.

How to hang dry rosemary?

You can also opt for this method of hanging rosemary drying . First, use scissors to cut some rosemary sprigs from your plant or your potted rosemary . Gather your rosemary sprigs and tie them with twine at the base of the sprigs. You can then hang your aromatic herbs upside down, by tying the string, which is at the base of the strands, high up. Place your rosemary sprigs in a dry, well-ventilated place . It is also recommended to turn the rosemary sprigs about every other day to achieve even drying of the herbs. Some recommend covering the stems and leaves with a paper bag, with holes for air circulation. Count about 2 weeks to be able to pick up your bouquet of Rosemary. If your aromatic plants are not dry enough, you can use an oven or a dehydrator.

Drying your rosemary bouquets in the oven

The first step in this method is to wash your previously cut Rosemary sprigs in your garden or indoor vegetable patch. Rinse them with clear water then dry with a towel. On the plate of your oven, place baking paper and place your sprigs of Rosemary on it without tightening them too much . After preheating your oven, place your baking sheet in it at the lowest temperature. Your Rosemary will be completely dry when the sprigs are brittle, about two to four hours later .

And to dry my sprigs of Rosemary in the dehydrator?

As with drying in the oven, rinse your sprigs of aromatic herbs with clear water and dry them with a tea towel before placing your Rosemary in the dehydrator. Once this first step of the drying method is done, place your rosemary sprigs on the dehydrator trays . It is recommended to set the dehydrator at low temperature . Your dried Rosemary is ready when you can break the leaves by bending it .

Finally, all you have to do is store the dried rosemary in a box or glass jar and keep it in a dry place .

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