Entretien de la menthe : exposition, coupe des feuilles, séchage

Mint maintenance: exposure, leaf cutting, drying

Superstar of aromatic plants, we all know the fresh and singular taste of mint leaves.

Latin "Mentha", this plant is extremely appreciated, both for its refreshing taste as for its Health benefits : iron intake, antioxidant effect, digestion help.

This plant is particularly adequate to start its plantation because it is Very easy to cultivate. It grows quickly and takes up little space, so it can very well be Cultivated in pots. The advantage of indoor culture: pot or vegetable garden is that you can harvest mint during all year. Mint plantation requires little maintenance: sun, water and regular size.

Urban Cuisine gives you its best advice on the maintenance of mint, exposure, cutting and drying the leaves to obtain aromatic herbs of the best quality.

How to expose mint?

If you have chosen to cultivate mint indoors, in pots for example, it is advisable to place your plants near a window, in the sun but taking care ofAvoid heat sources. Indeed, direct exposure to the sun during the day could dry up your aromatic plants. In general, the ideal exposure for a mint plant is the partial shade, or with sun but avoiding too large heat and that the earth does not dry completely.

The floor of your mint plants must be good ventilated, rich and fresh, therefore it is necessary to maintain a wet soil, while avoiding excess water which could damage the roots of mint. For this, it will be necessary to prepare a floor with clay balls. You can also add a little sand to the soil to improve drainage

The mint water and sun needs are thus similar to those of basil and strawberry. You can also cultivate green mint and large green basil in balcony For Diversify your interior garden. To do this, you can also have your vegetable mint foot, provided you cut it well because mint tends to become invasive. Above all, it will be necessary to pay attention during flowering periods so that the seeds do not disperse in your vegetable garden.



How to cut mint leaves?


It is recommended to cut your plant regularly. You can harvest the aromatic leaves of mint from the moment your mint foot has reached a ten centimeters. The time of flowering is when the plant matures. With good maintenance and if you cut regularly, the plant will be more bushy. Cutting and harvesting regularly allows you to enjoy fresh mint leaves that you can incorporate directly into your dishes.


Your harvest will be particularly fragrant if you cut the leaves at the end of spring, just before flowering summer.

Your plant will be long in pushing if your container is not deep enough. Indeed, mint needs depth So that its roots can develop. To promote the growth of your mint foot, you can transplant it in a larger container, being careful not to damage the roots.



Mint sheet:


Plant type : aromatic plant, perennial

Exposure : mid-shade ideally or a not too strong sun

Sowing period : in the spring, in March/April in the ground and all year round in the pot inside

Size : between 40 and 60cm



Cutting the mint stems will also delay the rise in seeds. Indeed, the planting of mint flowers is less interesting because they are less flavored than the leaves. By delaying the rise in seeds, you can therefore harvest more leaves. Also, to be able to go up in flowers, mint will have to draw on resources while if you cut the floral pimples, that will stimulate growth leaves.

To optimize your harvest, the size will have to be 2 times per week.

Mint size in a few steps

1- At the start of the day, before there is a lot of sun, take a pair of scissors

2- Cut the rod above a knot

3- Pretty cut the stems that have flowers

The size of the mint will allow you not only to have an abundant harvest but also to multiply your mint foot if you wish. To do this, you can plant a mint rod by following the method of cutting.


How to dry the mint?

How to dry Mint leaves in the open air?

1) Gather your mint stems in bouquet

2) End the bouquet with a string

3) Hang your mint bouquets in a cool, dry and dark place

4) After two weeks, detach your mint bouquets

6) Separate the leaves from the rod by hand to keep only the foliage


How to dry the mint leaves in the microwave?

1) Harvest and wash the mint leaves

2) Place them on a plate by spacing them

3) Place the plate for 10 seconds in the microwave

4) Check that the sheets do not break, then add another 10 seconds if the leaves are not dried enough. You can renew this operation at most 3 times.

How to dry mint flowers?

- During the flowering season, collect the mint stems that have flowers

- Hang the stems in an airy place and out of the sun


Do you now want to cultivate your own green mint all year round and take advantage of it in the comfort of your house or apartment?

Discover our green mint cork pot: a cork pot made in France from oak-cork harvested in France and a 3-in-1 crop clod including professional soil, green mint seeds of French origin and labeled "Organic farming" as well as natural nutrients allowing the best possible growth of your plant.




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