Comment planter des radis ronds?

How to plant round radishes?

Radishes are root vegetables that are quick and easy to grow and take up little space. Most often red, pink, but also white or black, radishes can be eaten plain, in salads or in your dishes. Radish root is mainly eaten for its crunchy, fresh and slightly spicy flesh . Its leaves, radish tops are also edible.

You can easily this variety of radish in the ground or in a pot. Here we give you some advice for the best success of your Round Radish cultivation.

Planting Round Radish

The first step is to prepare the soil in which you will sow your radish seeds. Radish must be grown in cool, light soil.

Radishes like rich soil , so you can add potting soil if your soil is poor.

It is a plant that appreciates the sun , so you must install your root vegetable culture in a sunny place, keeping it however sheltered from too hot a summer sun, which would dry out the soil of your plantation. .
Radish grows very well alongside cabbage, carrots or even lettuce, for example if you also have these varieties in your vegetable patch or garden.

2. Time of year for sowing radish

Depending on the variety, sowing times for radish seeds may vary. For the round radish, you can sow them in winter, under frame or tunnel , between February and April. To grow your radishes outdoors, it is recommended to wait until May, you can sow the seeds until the beginning of autumn , at the end of September.

3. Sow round radish seeds

After preparing your soil and possibly adding potting soil, form furrows separated by about 30cm and sow the round radish seeds in a line and spaced apart. Now cover your round radish seeds with about 1 cm of soil .
Once this step is done, tamp the soil and sprinkle the soil with water.
One of our tips for harvesting radishes from spring to winter: stagger the seedlings every two weeks .
When the first leaves of your plants appear, you can thin your plants, to about 5 cm . This will give the radishes more room to grow and you will get meatier root vegetables.

It is advisable to water the radishes fairly regularly to limit the pungent flavor of the flesh. It does not matter if the leaves are also in contact with water when watering.

Harvesting radishes takes place about 4 to 5 weeks after sowing . Do not let your roots grow too big in the ground, the radishes will then be hollow.

Round Radish sheet:

Sowing seeds: late February-April under frame, May-September outdoors
Vegetable harvest: March-November
Exposure: sun
Soil: rich, fresh and light soil

Organic Radishes URBAN CUISINE

URBAN CUISINE offers you quick and easy solutions for growing Round Radish at home. With our Organic Round Radish Cultivation Mound, which contains organic seeds , you will obtain delicious root vegetables with a good taste and rich in benefits. You can grow your organic Round Radishes in the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden , in a Cork Pot or in a Balcony Box. With our Cultivation Mound, you should see your first organic Round Radish sprouts after 3 to 4 days , and harvest your root vegetables from 4 weeks after planting the Cultivation Mound.

Do not hesitate to leave us your opinion on the organic Round Radishes or any other of our varieties of aromatic plants and organic fruits and vegetables on our social networks .

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