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Mini Peppers: our care tips

The Petit Marseille Pepper , a species of Mini Peppers, is the plant you need to brighten up your kitchen . Its red and orange colors announce the summer flavors that you will find on your plate. There are a thousand ways to accommodate it: cooked, raw, sautéed, roasted, ... You are bound to find a recipe to your liking ! In addition to being a fantastic ingredient in the kitchen, peppers are also very rich in vitamin C!

Exposure bright room or windowsill
watering soil to keep moist with lukewarm water
Harvest first growth after 2 weeks and 4 months for harvest


The optimum temperature for your small Marseille pepper plant is between 23° and 25° . This plant needs to be exposed to the sun to grow well.


The root ball of the small Marseille pepper must be kept moist, and it must be watered with water at room temperature.

small Marseille pepper


The first shoot will emerge after 2 weeks and you can harvest your first crop 4 months later.


We advise you to install a stake , and to cut the top of the main stem, once the plant has grown enough.

mini bell pepper in jar
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