Farmitoo, la solution simple et efficace de vos achats agricoles

Farmitoo, the simple and effective solution for your agricultural purchases


Farmitoo is a website that specializes in the sale of machines and other useful materials for farmers and breeders. The site remains available for everything Purchase of agricultural equipment. The main objective or the main mission of the platform consists, among other things, supporting the cultivators in the various tasks, providing them with equipment, mechanical and electronic, which can help them go a little faster in their agricultural work. This site is timely, since it allows them to save time and money.


The advantages of the Farmitoo site

By buying their equipment online and precisely on the Farmitoo platform, farmers find cheaper agricultural devices, without taking a long time to visit several physical stores. To give more possibilities for farmers, Farmitoo has partnerships with more than three hundred European manufacturers, with seventy thousand available references. What boon!


Easy delivery

To facilitate delivery to farmers, Farmitoo maintains direct links with the manufacturers of these agricultural machines. By contacting them by negotiating prices with them, they directly deliver orders on farms and reduce the lives of farmers. It is a transparent platform in transactions and competitive from a tariff point of view.


A team listening to customers

On the Farmitoo website, a team of dynamic people remains available to farmers to not only receive orders, but also for information. The said team provides permanence for personalized support from each of the customers.


The omnipresence of farmitoo on the European continent

Today, Farmitoo marks its presence in five countries already on the European continent. It exists in France, Germany, Belgium and Austria. It is becoming the reference platform for all farmers in Europe.


What are the products offered by Farmitoo?

Farmitoo provides farmers with a wide variety of agricultural equipment. What he offers is simply a revolution in the agricultural sector by means of these machines that revitalize this precious sector. Also, the site offers very useful devices for the breeding sector.

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