Liv & Amo

Our two vegetable gardens have a lot in common, but there are also some important differences. Here's a rundown of their particularities to help you choose the indoor vegetable garden that's right for you!

product image

Liv, living-room vegetable garden

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Amo, the kitchen vegetable garden

The vegetable garden of your choice + 16 free Growing Pods

No matter which vegetable garden you choose, your package will include the same elements: a pre-assembled vegetable garden, ready to install in just a few minutes, 16 Growing Pods of the varieties of your choice and access to our mobile app to advise you throughout the harvest!

Dimensions (WxDxH)
60x60x80 cm
55,6x54,7x58,2 cm
Reference household appliances
Integrated or standalone
Amount of plants
Door options
Full or Glass
Water connection
Not necessary
Not necessary
Compact birch effect
Anthracite grey painted steel
32 kilo
23 kilo
7 to 10 working days (France)
7 to 10 working days (France)
€499 or €550

Explore the food of tomorrow, today

Autonomous water tank
Enjoy 3 weeks of autonomy while saving 90% of water compared with traditional irrigation systems.
Controlled micro-climate
Automatically controlled, the temperature, humidity and ventilation of your vegetable garden provide optimum growing conditions for faster growth.
Personalised placement
Take advantage of our personalised investment advice to harvest up to 30 kg of fruit and vegetables a year.
Optimised illuminated panel
The custom-designed low-energy LED panel reproduces the light spectrum and cycle of the sun.
It guarantees perfect brightness for your plants' growth.
Hydroponics is a soil-less method of growing plants: the seeds are sown and irrigated directly in the substrate.
The fan switches on automatically depending on the temperature and humidity level. The aim: perfectly controlled humidity.
The substrate contained in our Growing Pods provides a nutrient-rich base and creates ideal conditions for plant growth.