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As a Homeland co-owner, benefit from an exclusive offer!

Bountiful harvests, all-year-long, directly at home

16 spots availabale for up to 3 kilos of fresh produce per month

Better quality than in supermarkets

Fresh produce offering up to 30x more nutrients and the best freshness

A wide range of varieties

More than 30 varieties available for your monthly subscription

Discover our indoor vegetable garden on video

90% less water than traditional agriculture

Our hydroponic system reduces water consumption by 90% compared to traditional agriculture.

A ligthening panel developed in-house

Our led pannel has been developped to ensure the best growth of our plants, while limiting the electrical consumtion

A designed piece of furniture, thought for your interior

Made in France, notre Potager est fabriqué avec des matériaux de qualité et sera parfait pour votre intérieur.

Dimensions : 80 cm de hauteur, 80 cm de largeur et 60 cm de profondeur.

Seul un raccordement électrique est nécessaire.

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As a Homeland co-owner, take advantage of our special rates!