Bountiful harvests

with the URBAN CUISINE mobile app

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Enjoy all the features of your indoor vegetable garden.

Personalized plants monitoring makes it easy to manage your indoor vegetable garden.

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    Grow 16 varieties at the same time

    The URBAN CUISINE mobile app guides you step-by-step to set up your indoor vegetable gardens effortlessly and grow up to 16 plants simultaneously, all year round.

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    Follow each plant in real time

    For each Growing Pod, our three paths show you the planting and harvesting stages

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    Receive custom alerts

    Wherever you are, receive personalized alerts and notifications on your smartphone or tablet to take care of your indoor vegetable garden.

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    Become the best connected gardener

    Discover the history and benefits of each variety, learn how to improve your yields, try out new recipes... And find the answers to all your questions in the SOS Potager section.

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    Garden maintenance made easy

    The indoor vegetable garden Liv has been designed to last for years. Take care of it! The mobile app guides you, step by step, to clean each of its components.

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Imagine a garden where fruit, vegetables and herbs grow in abundance. Imagine that garden right there in your kitchen! The Liv Connected vegetable garden is based on cutting-edge technology, designed by engineers and horticultural experts to guarantee you the best yields. With our application, you benefit from this innovative algorithm, via a secure Bluetooth connection.

Handling made easy

Du paramétrage à l’assemblage, de la plantation à la récolte, notre application mobile vous accompagne pour profiter de votre Potager Connecté. Quels plants choisir ? Comment améliorer mes rendements ? Quand procéder à l’arrosage ? Suivez nos conseils personnalisés sur le fonctionnement, l’entretien et la récolte de vos plants.

Comment ça fonctionne ?

Dès que vous avez commandé votre Potager Liv, téléchargez l’application URBAN CUISINE

Suivez le guide pour assembler et connecter votre Potager d’Intérieur

Install your Growing Pods and benefit from all our advice for planting, maintaining and harvesting your different varieties.

A doubt? Go to the SOS Potager section for frequently asked questions or to contact us.