URBAN CUISINE is our desire to allow everyone to grow quality fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Even without having a green thumb, even without having a garden, even without having a lot of time to devote to it.

URBAN CUISINE is our dream to transform cities through urban agriculture , to see urban vegetable gardens on every street corner, in public and private places and even in apartments.

To allow children to discover how strawberries and tomatoes grow, to encourage young people to engage in a manual activity and to reconnect with the rhythm of nature and to allow the older ones to rediscover the flavors of their childhood.

URBAN CUISINE is our way of enabling everyone to consume better. Fresh fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs, without pesticides, without transport and without packaging. Products with perfect traceability and seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture" and of French origin. Flavors adored, acclaimed or less known, for all tastes, all palates, all desires.

The desire to put our beautiful agricultural territory back at the heart of habits. To revalue this know-how and these expertises that we forget when we live in town.