Large Leaved Basil

6€ la Motte de Culture (tarif unique)

Grand classique de la cuisine méditerranéenne dont on connaît les vertus et les saveurs, le Basilic Grand Vert saura, par son goût et sa couleur uniques, parfumer et égayer vos assiettes !

Expédition sous 3 à 4 jours

Livraison neutre en carbone

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Pourquoi avoir du Basilic Grand Vert chez soi ?

Cette variété, aux vertus apaisantes et au parfum ensoleillé, est idéale pour accompagner vos salades, se marier avec vos tomates ou s’unir avec votre mozzarella. Le Basilic Grand Vert est aussi l’élément indispensable de la délicieuse sauce pesto alla Genovese.

Le petit plus pour briller en société

Le terme même de basilic viendrait du grec basilikón : plante royale, terme qui vient lui-même de basileus, qui signifie roi. Preuve étymologique du prestige dont jouit cette plante depuis toujours.

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Couper le plant au-dessus d’un noeud de 2 belles feuilles


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Our growing pods' power

Seeds accurately dosed

We carefully insert the right amount of seeds into our Growing Pods, according to each variety, to ensure successful germination and good harvests, regardless of nature's caprices.

Local & committed production

Our Growing Plods were developed in Brittany with horticultural experts. On average we spend 6 months developing each new variety.

100% empotés compatibles

Vous n'avez ni la main verte, ni beaucoup de temps à accorder à votre potager ? Pas de problème : vous n'avez qu'à planter, observer et... récolter !

Biodégradable & compostable

Une fois la récolte de votre variété réalisée, replantez votre Motte de Culture dans un espace vert ou faites-en bénéficier votre compost.

A concentrate of nutrients in a cup of coffee

Our growing pod is a small cube made of pressed vegetal fibers, nutrients-optimized (iron, magnesium...) according to each variety, to ensure the best development possible for the plant. The seeds are French, labeled Organic Agriculture and reproducible

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Product sheet

This growing medium, made in France from vegetable fibres, is optimized in nutrients, thus ensuring perfect taste and nutritional qualities for the Basil plant that will grow from it! The Basil seeds are labelled "Organic Agriculture" and of French origin. The seeds have been selected because they rigorously meet our requirements in order to offer you healthy, quality and environmentally friendly varieties. Choosing the right seed is indeed essential when you decide to grow a plant: fruit, a plant, flowers or aromatic herbs, and this, as well in your vegetable garden as outside and in the ground. This is why the Basil seeds we choose are all reproducible, of French origin and labelled "Organic Agriculture". All our seeds are reproducible so that the plants that grow from them have the same qualities as the mother aromatic plant. Reproducible Basil seeds improve naturally by adapting to the environment in which they grow. The soil, climate and living conditions are part of its genetic make-up and allow the Basil seedlings to adapt to external factors and thus produce more fruitful harvests. To ensure that we obtain robust varieties, we choose to place several seeds in our Basil Plant Clod. This means that you don't have to buy a new bag of seeds every time you sow. The organic seeds in the Plant Clod will allow you to obtain fertile plants of several seedlings. The seeds incorporated in our Plant Clods are, moreover, all labelled "Organic Agriculture". This label corresponds to a French certification which guarantees that the seeds meet strict specifications and are therefore organically grown. This certification ensures that the seeds of your aromatic plants present in your Mottes have been preserved from the use of any chemical input that is harmful to your health and bad for the environment. An organic seed thus guarantees you, on the one hand to avoid the pesticides present in traditional seeds, and on the other hand to be able to rediscover the true flavours of basil. Indeed, as your seeds and young shoots of your variety are not covered with chemicals, you will be able to appreciate its true taste directly at hand in your vegetable garden! The seeds in our Basil Plant Clods are therefore organic and reproducible. All the seeds in our Plant Clods also stem from French agriculture. They are of French origin and produced locally in order to make them benefit from their natural growing conditions, the soil, the sun and the amount of water they are used to and from which they benefit when sown in the ground. So, even if you don't have a garden, a terrace or a garden shed, you can still grow most herbs in a pot or in an indoor garden. This is the case for many varieties of herbs such as thyme, parsley and even varieties such as the cherry tomato. There are many possibilities in the indoor vegetable garden! The choice of these seeds is in accordance with our desire to support French agriculture, the work produced by our country's farmers and to pay them a fair price. The purchase of these organic seeds allows us to promote short circuits and thus to encourage a more virtuous economy rethought on a local scale. Thus, the choice of these organic seeds allows you to ensure the best traceability of the Basil plant to come. In addition, your Growing Pods can directly be delivered at your home and you will not have to worry about acquiring new seeds for each new sowing. The Growing Pods we offer are sold at a single price and allow you to grow all sorts of varieties easily in your vegetable garden. You will be able to rediscover or discover the true taste of the varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs that you have decided to sow and germinate!
Height: 6cm Width: 6cm
The Growing Pod is manufactured in France and is made of pressed and dehydrated vegetal fibres to facilitate the delivery. French and organic seeds have been inseminated inside the Pod.
Once the harvest is done, you can either add the Pod in a compost or replant it in the soil so it can grow again!


The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittanny, from pressed vegetal fibers which are later dehydrated. Nutrients and organic seeds are inseminated into the Pod.

The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittany (west of France), in our partner's workshop.

The Growing Pod can be stored for a year, in a fresh and dry environment.

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Taste & naturalness

Ultra-fresh, delicious and pesticide-free harvests.

Short circuits and traceability

Home-grown produce: from seed to plate without intermediaries.

Sustainability and commitment

Quality raw materials and valued French know-how.

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