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Spearmint is perhaps the best known and most recognized aromatic plant. It is this minty and sweet variety that brings freshness to all our dishes and to our delicious teas!

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Why should you have Spearmint at home?

Whether it is used as an aromatic herb to decorate your dishes, to prepare tea, for its medicinal virtues, or contained in your essential oils, spearmint quintessentially is the multi-use aromatic plant.

The little extra to shine in society

The virtues of spearmint have been praised since Antiquity. Pliny the Elder, writes about it in his work Natural History: "As for the garden of mint, the very smell of it alone recovers and refreshes our spirits, as the taste stirs up our appetite for meat."

Your future harvest at a glance


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Cut the plant above a node of 2 beautiful leaves


Keep the leaves frozen or dried for a year

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We carefully insert the right amount of seeds into our Growing Pods, according to each variety, to ensure successful germination and good harvests, regardless of nature's caprices.

Local & committed production

Our Growing Plods were developed in Brittany with horticultural experts. On average we spend 6 months developing each new variety.

Patented substrate

Neither fossil resource nor material imported from the other side of the world. Our substrate is unique, developed from an existing material in Europe, and in abundance!

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The Organic Mint Mound is made in France from vegetable fibres . Its nutrient dosage has been fully optimized to ensure the taste and nutritional quality of the variety you are growing.

La Motte de Culture allows you to live a gardening adventure with ease , without the need to acquire fertilizer or an additional bag of soil. It allows everyone to cultivate from home, even without a garden, balcony or terrace.

Our Clods are already sown with seeds that we choose with the greatest attention to allow you to benefit from healthy varieties, of quality and respectful of the environment.

This is why all our Spearmint seeds are reproducible, of French origin and labeled "Organic Agriculture".

All the Spearmint seeds we have selected are reproducible so that the plants you grow have similar qualities to the parent plant. Indeed, a reproduction seed naturally adapts to the environment in which it grows. Soil, climate, amount of water required, exposure to light or sun are all of its living conditions. These are part of its genetic heritage and allow the Spearmint to adapt to external factors. Your pots will thus give you fruitful harvests of great nutritional and taste quality.

In our Cultivation Clods, we also choose to have several seeds to avoid having to repeat the purchase of sachets with new seeds each time you plant. This also makes it possible to offer more robust and more fertile plants.

The seeds of our Cultivation Clods are, moreover, all labeled “Organic Farming”. This certification allows us to guarantee that the seeds of Spearmint have not been treated with chemical inputs, nor with pesticides that are harmful to both our health and the environment.

You will be able to discover or rediscover the authentic flavors of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and aromatic plants from your vegetable garden.

Our organic and reproducible seeds are also of French origin.

We select seeds from France, and this approach is fully in line with our desire to support the work of French farmers . By participating in particular in recognizing the value of their work and remunerating them at the right price. We opt for the purchase of French seeds also in order to promote short circuits and local production. All of this is a way for us to encourage a more virtuous and sustainable economy.


You can be sure of the quality of your Green Mint Mound thanks to the rigor with which we select our seeds. But spearmint or peppermint aren't the only varieties you can grow in your indoor vegetable garden. We offer a wide selection , available directly to your home for delivery. All our Cultivation Clods are sold at a single price , and they allow you to taste the real flavors of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and aromatic herbs without having to worry about acquiring a new sachet with new seeds. at each sowing. Our ambition is to make the gardening experience accessible to everyone and to do everything possible to make this adventure as simple as it is pleasant for young and old.


Your Green Mint Cultivation Mound grows perfectly in our Cork Pot , in our Planter or in our Optimized Vegetable Garden .

You will be able to enjoy Organic Mint easily and all year round! You can also grow your mint as an herb kit with other varieties! Everything has been thought out to make this adventure simple and fun!


Mint is a herbaceous perennial plant from the Lamiaceae family.

Its foliage is reputed to be particularly fragrant and aromatic.


Rich in iron and vitamin C, spearmint has many benefits. These antioxidant, antiseptic but also invigorating virtues are proof that beauty and goodness can go hand in hand.


The following steps are intended to show you how to plant your Mint Mound


- Open the container: the box of the Motte de Minthe


- Plant it in your Cork Pot, your Planter or your Optimized Vegetable Garden


- Water it; your Motte should take on a dark color and should be moist

- Install the Mint plant in a place with natural light.


- Your Cultivation Ball is already optimized so you don't need to add soil or fertilizer. Likewise, the seeds are already sown in the Cultivation Mound to allow you easy cultivation without a bag of soil that is heavy to carry and bulky in the apartment.

Once all these operations have been carried out, all you have to do is let your aromatic plant grow and take care of it!


Spearmint is an aromatic plant that has its own water and light needs . Here are some maintenance tips.


Your condiment grass needs to be exposed to the sun , but at the same time be well protected from wind and weather.

It will be necessary to take particular care of the good protection of your plant if you choose to place your pot of Mint outside.

If you place your pot indoors , it will be necessary in this case to choose a room benefiting from as much sunlight as possible, such as the kitchen for example.

Otherwise, it is also possible to put your mint pot on the ground, or behind a bay window. This will protect your variety from the weather, while giving it good exposure to sunlight.

Mint is an aromatic plant that needs watering when sowing . After sowing, your Mint will need to be watered copiously, about 2 to 3 times a week. The soil should not dry out between two waterings. Green Mint likes cool soils.

Do not hesitate to consult our website where there are various articles, advice, information relating to the maintenance of the Mint!



Mint is a relatively simple variety to grow in pots in your indoor vegetable garden. Mint leaves can be harvested throughout spring and summer according to your needs and desires!

It is best to pick the most important leaves by cutting the complete stem. This promotes the appearance of new shoots.

To harvest mint: the ideal time is in the morning, after the dew when your plant is cool and moist. This will allow you to enjoy fresh and delicious Green Mint!

For more information on the growth and harvesting of your varieties and especially the Green Mint, go to the URBAN CUISINE blog!



Perfect for a delicious tea, spearmint is also delicious in tabbouleh. Rich in its various uses, it is the dream aromatic herb for preparations that are as good as they are healthy.

 To stock up on recipe ideas, do not hesitate to consult our blog!

When you have to thin the plant, that is to say sacrifice the weakest seedlings for the strongest plant, you can eat the small seedlings that you sacrifice. They are microgreens packed with nutrients with a delicate and intense taste. In order to keep the root ball moist during the germination phase, use a fine rain mist rather than a watering can. The watering can indeed risk drowning the seeds and pushing them into the root ball. Spearmint is a perennial plant. To restart its growth after a first harvest, we advise you to cut all the stems of your plant.
Height: 10cm Width: 10cm
The Growing Pod is made in France from pressed and dehydrated vegetal fibers to facilitate the delivery. French and organic seeds are directly inseminated in the Pod.
Once the harvest is done, you can either put your Growing Pod in a compost or plant it in the soil, so it can keep on growing!


The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittanny, from pressed vegetal fibers which are later dehydrated. Nutrients and organic seeds are inseminated into the Pod.

The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittany (west of France), in our partner's workshop.

The Growing Pod can be stored for a year, in a fresh and dry environment.

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