Baby Carrots

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Recently, Baby Carrots have become a must-have for the aperitif and have spread quickly. They know how to flavour and brighten up moments of togetherness!

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Why should you have baby carrots at home?

One of the great virtues of the carrot is its beta-carotene content. Indeed, thanks to this composition, the carrot has a super antioxidant power, which means that it plays a very important role in slowing down the ageing of cells. Baby Carrots can be eaten like radishes, as an aperitif. They are a real treat!

The little extra to shine in society

You have probably already heard the saying “carrot and stick”, which refers to a method of persuasion characterized by both the offer of reward and the threat of punishment. But where does this metaphor come from? The origin of this metaphor can be explained by the behavior of humans with donkeys. In fact, there’s an old method of tempting a donkey forward by dangling a carrot before it and beating it with a stick if it refuses.

But no worries, with URBAN CUISINE you aren’t going to cultivate carrots to tame anyone but to enjoy the treat of this fabulous vegetable!


Your future harvest at a glance


After 2 weeks


After 2 months


Lift the plants by the leaves. After harvesting the carrots, the tops should be removed so that they do not lose their moisture.


To store your baby carrots for several months, you can place them in a box with sand in a cool and dry place.

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We carefully insert the right amount of seeds into our Growing Pods, according to each variety, to ensure successful germination and good harvests, regardless of nature's caprices.

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Our Growing Plods were developed in Brittany with horticultural experts. On average we spend 6 months developing each new variety.

Patented substrate

Neither fossil resource nor material imported from the other side of the world. Our substrate is unique, developed from an existing material in Europe, and in abundance!

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Product sheet

To obtain tasty carrots, it is advisable to water the shoots rather once a week but deeply. This will keep the soil moist and the roots will develop well.
Height: 5cm Width: 5cm
The Growing Pod is made in France from pressed and dehydrated vegetal fibers to facilitate the delivery. French and organic seeds are directly inseminated in the Pod.
Once the harvest is done, you can either put your Growing Pod in a compost or plant it in the soil, so it can keep on growing!


The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittanny, from pressed vegetal fibers which are later dehydrated. Nutrients and organic seeds are inseminated into the Pod.

The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittany (west of France), in our partner's workshop.

The Growing Pod can be stored for a year, in a fresh and dry environment.

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