Flat-Leaf Parsley

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Its smooth leaves are the reason for the Flat-Leaf Parsley's sublime green colour. Its fragrant taste and intense aromas delight the recipes with which it is combined.

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Why should you have Flat-Leaf Parsley at home?

Flat Parsley is rich and bright. It is rich in vitamins such as C, B9 and K and brilliant in minerals such as iron, calcium and manganese. It will bring plenty of health benefits as well as savour to the mayonnaises, cottage cheeses or potatoes and salads that you season with its flavours.

The little extra to shine in society

Very popular in today's world, parsley is a very old plant. It is estimated that its consumption dates back at least 5,000 years to the Mediterranean basin and neighbouring regions, before eventually spreading all over the world.

Your future harvest at a glance


After 5-10 days


After 6-7 weeks


Wait until the leaf stem has three segments before harvesting. Cut at the base of the plant instead of the leaves. This encourages the plant to produce more stems and will make it a bushier plant.


Store your leaves in the fridge for a few days or keep them frozen or dried.

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Organic Flat Parsley Cultivation Ball

This Cultivation Mound contains Flat Parsley seeds certified 100% French "Organic Agriculture" .

Parsley in a nutshell

Parsley is an aromatic plant that was already used more than 5000 years ago in the Mediterranean basin. Today it is one of the most popular and widely used aromatic herbs around the world. Often associated with garlic in the kitchen, this small plant is known to bring flavor to your meat and fish, your salads and your sauces.

There are several varieties of parsley, the three best known of which are common parsley , curly parsley and flat parsley . The latter, also called Italian Giant Parsley, is distinguished by its large green leaves, less cut than those of Frisé Parsley. Whether Flat, Curly or any other variety, Parsley is a fragrant plant with a beautiful dark green color.

In addition to its well-established culinary qualities , Flat Parsley also has nutritional qualities . Indeed, your harvest of this variety will spice up your dishes and bring health benefits because it is rich in vitamins C , B9 and K as well as minerals such as iron , calcium and manganese .

Our Organic Flat-leaf Parsley Root Ball

Developed by a horticultural expert in Brittany, this Motte will allow you to easily obtain, without the need for a bag of soil and without effort, aromatic plants of Flat Parsley rich in flavor and benefits . The seeds are certified " Organic Agriculture " and the clod of vegetable fibers is optimized in nutrients.

Thanks to this product, you will be able to install organic Flat Parsley plants in your Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden in which you can grow up to 16 Cultivation Clods of different varieties . If you want to enlarge your vegetable garden in pots, you can also plant this root ball in a Cork Pot . This article can even be planted directly in the ground, in your garden for example.

Information on the growth of organic flat-leaf parsley

Parsley seeds are sown on average from February to September, with a harvest period all year round. But thanks to our Optimized Clod , you won't even need to sow the seeds.
URBAN CUISINE shares some tips and information with you so that your seeds have the best possible growing conditions. Flat Parsley sprouts quickly sprout, with, on average, germination after 5 to 10 days after sowing.
For watering your sprouts, be aware that Flat Parsley seeds like to grow in rather cool and moist soil.
It is advisable to install these aromatic plants in a sunny location or in partial shade .
These plants can reach up to 30-40 cm on average.

How to harvest your organic flat-leaf parsley crops?

You can harvest your aromatic plants of Organic Flat Parsley from 6 to 7 weeks after sowing on average.
To harvest your products, it is advisable to wait until the leaf stalk has three segments. To encourage the production of more stems for a bushier plant, be sure to cut at the base of the plant and not the leaves.

Use and preserve your harvests of Organic Flat Parsley

Parsley is a variety that has become essential in many cuisines around the world. Among the greatest classics, persillade, made with garlic and parsley, often used to accompany seafood and other snails. For a fresh and balanced meal, perfect for your picnics, URBAN CUISINE invites you to try the Lebanese Tabbouleh with Flat Parsley . If you want marine flavors, let yourself be tempted by the fine scallops with potatoes and flat-leaf parsley . Finally, to vary your aperitifs, don't hesitate to surprise your guests by presenting them with this original recipe for Fried Flat Parsley . As you will have understood, there are a thousand and one ways to incorporate parsley leaves into your dishes, sauces or salads .

You can place your parsley leaves in the refrigerator to keep them for a few days. For longer storage, you can also freeze or dry the leaves.

The delivery of all our Clods of Culture is guaranteed carbon neutral to respect the eco-responsible approach URBAN CUISINE .

Find in our catalog all our other varieties of aromatic herbs and organic fruits and vegetables and all our products 100% designed and made in France: the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden , the Cork Pots and the Balconnière . On our blog, you can find lots of advice and recipes relating to URBAN CUISINE varieties and the indoor vegetable garden.

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The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittanny, from pressed vegetal fibers which are later dehydrated. Nutrients and organic seeds are inseminated into the Pod.

The Growing Pod is manufactured in Brittany (west of France), in our partner's workshop.

The Growing Pod can be stored for a year, in a fresh and dry environment.

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