Nos partenaires engagés

Our committed partners

In order to be able to offer you Made in France products, we only partner with Franch companies. Our partners have been chosen for their unique expertise and also for how important sustainable development is to them. 


Our growing pods have been developped with an tech institute specialized in horticulture. Thanks to their support and expertise, we created performing growing pods, composed of nutrients necessary to the plant's growth.

For our seeds, we trust two companies with strong values: they produce organic, reproducible and free-of-rights seeds. Their seeds of great quality are present in every single growing pod. 


Regarding our Cork Pots, we work with a company specialized in cork objects since 1929. This material, which guarantees a perfect insulationfor your growing pods, is also ecological because it doesn't require cutting trees down. Thanks to this know-how, we can offer you a solid and sustainable cork pot.


Our Balcony Planters are made by a fine-sheet and metal expert. They implemented a quality chart which enables us to offer you a resistant and functioning product. 


Our packagings are manufactured by a company which shares our commitment for sustainable development. A vegetal ink is used on our packagings and during the whole manufacturing process. The company takes care of its environmental footprint. 


Both companies in charge of producing our labels have the "Imprim'Vert" certification, which guarantees an environment-friendly printing process.


la Regarding the preparation and the picking of our orders, we made the choice to work with an 'ESAT' (French Support and Work Assistance Establishment), which supports 89 workers with disabilities, giving them packaging, picking and wrapping activities. 


URBAN CUISINE is a member of the network  1% For The Planet - we commit ourselves in redistribute 1% of our revenue to this non-profit organization. Sums collected by 1% For The Planet enable the support of approved associations which implement actions to preserve the environment. 





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