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Spearmint: our care tips

Spearmint is a versatile aromatic plant that is consumed both in infusions and in dishes. Its fragrance is reminiscent of both Moroccan teas and the traditional English sauces that accompany meat.

In addition to a captivating smell , spearmint is very popular in naturopathy for its toning, digestive and antispasmodic properties.

Exposure partial shade
Watering two to three times a week
Harvest as needed to keep the flavors


The ideal temperature for your spearmint plant is 18°. To grow well, this plant requires a partial shade location, it likes the sun in moderation.


Spearmint appreciates freshness and humidity . It is essential to keep the root ball always moist, especially during the germination phase.
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The first shoot will emerge after 15 days. We recommend harvesting mint leaves in the morning as this is the time of day when the flavor is most intense.


Spearmint is a perennial plant, meaning that it lives for several years in a row. To restart its growth after a first year of harvest, we advise you to cut all the stems of your plant.

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