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Discover the first large-capacity vegetable garden that guarantees fresh and tasty harvests at your fingertips all year round thanks to optimized growing conditions.


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Beyond the fruits and vegetables that we grow and harvest, our vegetable gardens allow you to enjoy a remarkable experience: (re)connection to nature and agriculture, directly at the heart of living and working spaces. .
improvement in well-being thanks to green spaces
traceability on our harvests

The first large capacity vegetable garden

An innovative and unique vegetable garden that guarantees fresh and tasty harvests, at your fingertips all year round, thanks to completely optimized growing conditions.

Two complementary versions

Cook, the built-in vegetable garden

Manufactured according to household appliance standards, this vegetable garden fits easily under a worktop, in a kitchen or a shared space, or at eye level in a modular piece of furniture. Its large window ensures optimal visibility of crops at all times and brings a very contemporary touch to its sober and elegant design. Watering is carried out automatically from the water tank, Cook only needs an electrical connection to allow its integration into various spaces.

Eden, the living room version

Its sleek and warm design fits in living rooms, shared spaces or even playrooms. Crafted from French wood, it comes pre-assembled for easy installation in the space of your choice. The steel angles are resistant and its raised height allows you to slide, for example, storage boxes or shoes underneath. Its ceiling is resistant and also provides practical storage space (books, lamps, bags, etc.).

30 kilos of fresh produce

Enjoy tasty harvests all year round, thanks to our optimized conditions

Elegant & built-in

The vegetable garden that adapts to your spaces and can find its place in every room

The shortest of circuits

0 km from seed to plate and French manufacturing, respectful of the environment

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