Potager en terrasse : conseils pour réussir son potager

Vegetable garden on the terrace: tips for a successful vegetable garden


Do you dream of having a vegetable garden but without a garden it seems difficult to you? A terrace or a balcony is now more than enough to benefit from many crops of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs !

At URBAN CUISINE, we have created a range of ideal products so that every city dweller can enjoy fresh food even if they have very little space!

Today, discover our tips for creating a vegetable garden on your terrace!

Why build your vegetable garden?

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Growing your own fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs has many advantages!

First of all, you will be able to enjoy truly fresh, healthy and quality products. Products marketed in supermarkets, and even organic products, have often lost their taste and also their nutrients before even arriving on the shelves. Nutrients are essential for your body and allow it to function properly.

In addition, you will be able to benefit from a healthier and more balanced diet. More and more of us are consuming excessively industrial products and junk food that have harmful effects on our health.
Growing plants at home will also have an impact on your mental health . Indeed, plants are often recognized as allowing a reduction of stress and a greater concentration at work.

Having your own products also allows you to participate in the preservation of the environment . On the one hand, you will reduce to zero the food miles normally traveled by the products you buy in stores. On the other hand, you will reduce food waste since you only sow and grow what you need and want.

How to create a vegetable garden on your terrace?

To create a vegetable garden on a terrace, many possibilities are available to you: pots, planters, tubs, planting bags or even balcony boxes will be ideal!

The pot

Size, shape, color... There are many types of pots. So, if you want to create an original potted vegetable garden , you can absolutely take, for example, an earthen pot, a plastic one and a cast iron one! This is also the time to get out your stock of jam jars and small containers for growing short varieties.

Each pot will grow a plant of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. A container garden is perfect for anyone unsure whether two varieties can grow together.

At URBAN CUISINE, we have created a Cork Pot with a simple design and above all taking up little space. This product will therefore be perfect for those who do not wish to clutter up their terrace with large pots or planters.

Each Pot allows you to grow a variety of your choice. To date, URBAN CUISINE offers you to grow Green Mint , Common Chives , Grand Vert Basil and Flat Parsley .

The Planter

Composing your vegetable garden with planters is also a possibility. With a planter, you can sow the seeds of several varieties and grow them simultaneously .

Planters are ideal for growing low plants and herbs .

You can opt for planters to be placed on the ground or planters on feet depending on the space you have! If you prefer to do gardening standing up, those on feet will be very practical!


Planters to create a vegetable garden will be perfect if you have a large enough space on your terrace. Indeed, the objective of a tray is to sow all the seeds and seedlings in the same place and thus create a single large vegetable garden. In metal or wood, choose a resistant material to guarantee the growth of all your plants!

You can choose a raised container for easier maintenance and harvesting if you prefer.

The planting bag

Planting bags, whether made of felt or non-woven, are a very practical alternative for creating a vegetable garden. You can easily create a corner of nature on your terrace with a few bags.

Plant bags are often completely waterproof . You therefore do not risk having water on your terrace!

Often accompanied by handles , you can put them inside in winter and bring them to your kitchen to harvest your products with ease!

The Balconniere

Balcony boxes can also be used to dress up your terrace. You can put them on the legs of garden furniture or hang them on a wall depending on your space. Like pots, planters are available in many possibilities allowing you to create a vegetable garden in your image.

A window box can be used to grow one or more plants of vegetables , fruits and aromatic herbs, flowers or even mini shrubs!

URBAN CUISINE offers you a durable metal window box that is weatherproof and can therefore be left on your terrace without any problem! It will allow you to enjoy two varieties of your choice.

The advantages of a terrace vegetable garden

Having a terrace vegetable garden has many advantages!

First of all, you can sow varieties with the same water and sun needs together, plant invasive varieties alone and above all maintain each of the varieties as well as possible. It will start with the soil : you can choose the most suitable soil for each plant since some plants need certain nutrients to grow well.

Regarding water needs , you will be able to water your plants more easily if they are planted in separate containers since they do not all need as much water. Indeed, the eggplant has significant water needs and must be watered every 2 or 3 days while the pepper can only be watered once a week.

For exposure to natural light , all you have to do is move your pots, planters, bags or balcony boxes so that they benefit from the sun as much as possible. In winter, you can put the smallest containers up high and on a window sill if your terrace is shaded.

If you have chosen to make your vegetable garden in a large container, make sure when installing it that it will be able to take advantage of maximum light throughout the year and especially during the winter period.

Finally, it will be much easier for you to weed your plants thanks to this type of vegetable garden! The soil is shallower and so are the roots of your plants. You will waste less time maintaining your vegetable garden and will be able to take full advantage of it.

What plants to sow?

You can plant many varieties for your terrace vegetable garden!

Here are the varieties that we advise you to sow: radishes , eggplants, spinach, salads , peppers , tomatoes ...

You can also plant mini fruit trees like the orange tree if you have enough space on your terrace.

Aromatic herbs such as coriander , thyme and mint are plants that take up little space and are therefore ideal for a small terrace vegetable garden!

For each variety, it will be necessary to ensure that the depth of the pot or planter is sufficient for the roots. Indeed, some plants are more invasive than others and need pots at least 30 centimeters deep to grow properly.

At URBAN CUISINE we offer you clods of Cultures in order to take advantage of many aromatic herbs and small plants.

As for herbs , you can grow Green Mint , Flat Parsley , Grand Vert Basil and Common Chives .

As for fruits and vegetables , we offer Cherry Tomatoes , Mini Peppers and Cayenne Pepper .

Each plant takes up little space and will be ideal for those with a small terrace or preferring to have a small vegetable garden.

These are also varieties that you can incorporate into many recipes! For the maintenance of these plants, you can find articles and advice on our blog!

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