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Candy pepper: our care tips

Chili is a fruit native to South and Central America. It is assumed that it was one of the first plants to have been domesticated because we find its trace in archaeological elements dating back more than 6000 years! Nowadays, it is the perfect condiment to spice up all your sauces but also to spice up your chocolate desserts.

Exposure full sun
Watering two to three times a week
Harvest first harvest after 4 months

mini pepper seeds


The optimum temperature for your candy pepper plant is between 20° and 25°. This plant needs to be exposed to the sun to grow well.


The root ball must be permanently moist, so it must be watered regularly with water at room temperature.

Mini pepper cork jar GROWING AND HARVEST

The first shoot will emerge after 10 days and you can harvest your first crop 4 months later.


We advise you to install a tutor from the beginning of the growth of the plant.

mini bell pepper in jar
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