Quelles plantes aromatiques faire pousser en automne ?

Which aromatic plants to grow in autumn?

Summer is over and you think he took with him the best varieties to grow in his vegetable garden ? However, the season following summer, autumn, also offers many varieties to grow. Indeed, you can very well grow a wide selection of aromatic plants in autumn . This season is also the time to carry out some actions for the maintenance of your vegetable garden, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Preparing your outdoor vegetable garden in autumn for your aromatic plants

Did you know that fall is the best season to prepare the soil for your garden? You can take advantage of this period to prepare your land as well as possible.

To prepare the ground, it will be necessary to start by carrying out a decompaction . The depth of this loosening varies according to the state of the soil and the varieties of aromatic plants that one wishes to cultivate. If the soil is deeply compacted, it will need to be aerated using a spade fork. Otherwise, a light rake will suffice.

Once this is done, you will need to amend your soil in order to nourish it . For the amendment, you can use compost (preferably homemade), manure or even another amendment . In any case, you will need to have very large quantities, without it being too thick either, and you will also need to ensure an even distribution on your floor .

After accomplishing this mission, you can expect a few weeks of waiting during which you will have to leave the compost as it is. Thus, the first rains will allow the nutrients to sink and penetrate the earth. These operations carried out correctly, your soil is well prepared for the fall!

However, it is, and you will have understood, the soil of your garden or your outdoor vegetable garden, since the missions to prepare your indoor vegetable garden are very different.

Preparing your indoor vegetable garden of aromatic plants in autumn

The indoor vegetable garden offers this advantage, in addition to being accessible to all, of requiring less effort than growing in the garden or outdoors. However, with the arrival of autumn, several factors must be taken into account to best cultivate your aromatic herbs.

The first factor relating to the change of season concerns the drop in temperature. Indeed, in autumn we tend to start turning on the indoor heating in our homes again. This can have the effect of making the air dry and compact and therefore drying out the soil . It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the soil retains a good level of humidity in order to be able to work it at the appropriate time, and therefore to monitor the overall state of your indoor vegetable garden on a regular and diligent basis.

Another factor, which again varies with the change of season, is the exposure to natural light of the plants of your aromatic plants . Indeed, in autumn the days are shorter than in summer and the intensity of sunshine also becomes weaker. However, the vast majority of aromatic herbs require daily exposure of several hours a day, depending on the variety, to sunlight.

However, you can guarantee that your aromatic plants will benefit from exposure to sunlight for a few hours a day, in particular by choosing a good location for your pots in your apartment garden . Thanks to this place in a room benefiting from good exposure to the sun, as is the case of the kitchen for example, you will be able to ensure that you maintain a quality vegetable garden even indoors.

Observing these few tips, your vegetable garden will keep in good shape and you will be able to continue to grow perennial aromatic plants, winter and summer alike!

What varieties of aromatic plants to plant in autumn?

Autumn is a good season for growing a large number of varieties, both outdoors and indoors. As soon as your land has been well worked (as indicated above) you can grow many aromatic plants to enhance the taste of your recipes and flavor your dishes , but also in infusion to help you cope with the cold days that come. are making their comeback.

aromatic herbs pot

Aromatic plants offer many benefits for your health and strengthen your immunity during more exhausting seasons such as fall or winter .

As you will have understood, cultivation (indoors or outdoors) is not the prerogative of spring. On the other hand, certain varieties of aromatic plants are particularly suited to autumn and pot cultivation.

To begin your fall cultivation , aromatic plants should be potted or planted from the beginning of October. Here is a list of aromatic plants that you can grow in autumn, both in indoor vegetable gardens, outdoors and in the ground:

  • Dill is grown in pots and containers. This aromatic plant still requires light and warmth . Avoid exposing it too much to bad weather, especially the wind. Dill is very sensitive to extreme heat and drought. These two factors have the effect of accelerating its rise to seed.
  • Coriander is also planted in the fall . This perennial plant has specific sun needs, as it appreciates the heat but does not like the wind.
  • Chives that you can plant in early fall, such as early spring, require a place in the sun . The soil required by this aromatic plant is rich and well drained.
  • Mint is a perennial plant that you can grow in the fall. This variety requires rich, cool soil. It will also be necessary to reserve a place for it rather in the partial shade, even if it also appreciates the sun . Mint will lose its leaves during the winter. Rest assured, it will offer new stems the following spring.
  • Rosemary can be planted both in spring and fall. This aromatic plant likes light, well-drained soil. However, rosemary is a Mediterranean plant that adapts to most regions and their climatic conditions . This variety does not fear the cold, but rather too much humidity or a lack of exposure to sunlight.
  • Sage is grown in pots or in a planter. This variety requires good exposure to the sun and fears too much humidity . The right soil for growing sage is light, dry, deep and non-calcareous.
  • Thyme offers the advantage of being very easy to grow and requiring little maintenance. This aromatic plant tolerates different types of soils, but develops best when they are light, sandy, rather dry, even stony, poor and calcareous.

As you will have understood, there are a large number of varieties of aromatic plants that can be grown in autumn , both indoors and in outdoor vegetable gardens. This season you will also be able to benefit from excellent aromatic herbs to enhance all your dishes with many different flavors !

Cultivation becomes fun and enjoyable once you have read these tips and our comments. Our ambition is indeed to allow everyone to grow their own fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs with ease. No problem or injustice if you live indoors and in an urban environment.

Indeed, URBAN CUISINE develops products specially designed to allow you too to have the right to taste the pleasure of the adventure of the vegetable garden. So that autumn cultivation requires very little material, little effort and not much maintenance.

So, to make this adventure even easier and more enjoyable, URBAN CUISINE has designed Cork Pots . These Cork Pots have been specially designed for indoor cultivation . Our Pots are made in France from cork oak worked by the French craftsman with whom we collaborate. Cork is a material carefully selected for its impermeability and watertightness , and because it is also a durable material. These Pots therefore make it possible to offer perfect conditions for indoor cultivation , all year round, and even in seasons such as autumn and winter .

These Cork Pots will allow you to grow your own aromatic herbs, easily and from home , in rooms such as the living room or the kitchen. They offer the opportunity to those who live in urban areas and in apartments, even without a garden, balcony or terrace, to also have their own vegetable garden.

But that's not all. At URBAN CUISINE we have also thought of those who wish to take advantage of their outdoor spaces. This is why we have developed a Balconnière .

This window box is perfect for fall and outdoor cultivation. Indeed, it has been specially designed to suit small outdoor spaces,

This window box is made of iron, which will best protect your aromatic plant plants because it is resistant to different temperatures and climatic hazards . It can be installed in different outdoor locations, to make a balcony vegetable garden or a terrace vegetable garden for example.

Our window box, made of iron and an elegant and plain grey, will allow everyone to create a small space for growing aromatic plants in style, even in the heart of the city.

No more problems growing herbs indoors or outdoors, even in the fall. This season you will also be able to embellish and enhance all your dishes thanks to the aromatic plants that you have grown yourself!

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