Comment créer son potager aromatique ?

How to create your aromatic vegetable garden?

Do you dream of having your own aromatic herbs directly at your fingertips to give flavor to all your dishes? URBAN CUISINE explains how to create a successful aromatic vegetable garden !

From aromatic plants to sow to the different ways of creating your vegetable garden, including its maintenance, discover all our advice and tips without further delay!

Why create your own aromatic vegetable garden? 

Aromatic herb cork pots

Growing your own aromatic herbs at home has many advantages and benefits!

Enjoying your own garden of aromatic plants, whether indoors or outdoors, will above all allow you to have access to products of incomparable freshness. Indeed, the products sold today in supermarkets, and even organic products, have lost a large part of their nutrients and therefore their taste before reaching the shelves. Nothing can replace foods and condiments grown directly at home and by your own care, whether fruits, vegetables or herbs.

Nutrients, vitamins, minerals... Our body needs many natural components of the foods we eat to function properly. By having your own herbs , you benefit from all of their benefits fully and directly.

Having your food close at hand obviously has beneficial effects for your health. In fact, you can enjoy healthy, unprocessed and GMO-free products all year round. Their consumption will allow you to have a more balanced diet and better for your health.

In addition, having aromatic plants directly in your home will have positive effects on your mental health. Indeed, the presence of plants in a room will allow you on the one hand to reduce your stress and on the other hand to increase your level of concentration.

Finally, by having your own herb crops, you participate directly in the protection of the environment. On the one hand, you reduce your food miles to zero since you have your aromatic plants at your fingertips. On the other hand, you only sow and harvest what you need and want and thus reduce food waste.

Finally, it is very simple to create an indoor vegetable garden whether it is for gardening experts, beginners or even children. Indeed, aromatic plants generally require little maintenance and so even those who do not have a green thumb can easily and quickly enjoy fresh and quality products. Aromatic herbs can also enhance and give a herbaceous, fresh, spicy or lemony taste to all kinds of dishes!

How to create a vegetable garden made up of aromatic herbs?

With or without a house, garden, balcony or terrace, it is now possible to create a pretty aromatic vegetable garden both indoors and outdoors!

URBAN CUISINE invites you to discover different ways to create an apartment vegetable garden made up of aromatic herbs in your image and according to the space you have!

1. Choosing Clods and Seedlings for your Vegetable Garden

Whether you are making an aromatic vegetable garden outdoors or indoors, we advise you to use seedlings or clods that have already been sown. Indeed, these products are already prepared to guarantee the growth of aromatic herbs. Regarding the clods already sown, their advantage is that they already contain a number of seeds to optimize your crops in the vegetable garden . You won't need to add seeds when planting.

In addition, these products are often small in size, so the crops will take up less space. If you have a small outdoor space for your vegetable garden, seedlings and plugs will be ideal!

URBAN CUISINE offers you Cultivation Clods whose seeds are also labeled Organic Agriculture and of French origin. They are composed of nutrients and plant fibers to guarantee the growth of each of your plants. All you need to do is plant them and maintain them correctly to enjoy quality crops.

You can cultivate with our Cultivation Clods:

Cultivation Plugs can be planted in the soil of your garden, in jars or planters. If they are sown in containers, you can put them on the ground or on a window sill.

clods of culture

For all city dwellers with only indoor space or a small balcony, rest assured! You can very well create an aromatic vegetable garden thanks to pots and balcony boxes .

2. Choose the pots for your aromatic vegetable garden

Material, color, shape, size... There are many kinds of pots that will allow you to easily create a small herb garden in your kitchen or on your balcony.

If you want to create your balcony vegetable garden , or your terrace vegetable garden , we advise you to favor classic earthen pots . These resist very well to bad weather and will therefore be ideal if they remain outside all year round! Of course, you can also put them in your kitchen or living room to create a completely different atmosphere.

City dwellers and those who lack space, you can use plastic pots . These often take up less space than earthen pots. In addition, you can make any kind of vegetable garden thanks to plastic pots which are light. Between a hanging vegetable garden or a vegetable garden displaying the shelves in your living room, the choice is yours!

If you have a small yard or a large enough terrace, you can also plant all your herbs in one large pot. You will have a very different aesthetic result but which can suit you just as well! It will still be necessary to pay attention to the needs of each aromatic plant.

Finally, URBAN CUISINE invites you to discover these Cork Pots . With their simple and refined design, they blend perfectly into all your rooms! Small and light, you can move and rearrange them whenever you want in your kitchen, living room or on your balcony!

Each Cork Pot allows you to grow a plant of:

You can also create an aromatic vegetable garden using different types of pots!

3. Choose flower boxes and planters for your vegetable garden

If you prefer to have all your aromatic plants in the same place, you can opt for a window box or a planter! Once again, many kinds of flower boxes and planters exist!

Window boxes and planters allow two to three aromatic herbs to be grown simultaneously . Be careful, you must not sow too many seeds of different varieties in the same window box because you risk not enjoying good harvests.

URBAN CUISINE offers you a window box in durable metal. You can put it on a shelf indoors or on a window sill outdoors. Our Window Box allows you to grow two herb plants simultaneously. You can grow organic herbs such as Green Mint, Common Chives, Great Green Basil and Flat Parsley .

window box

4. The Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden: a turnkey solution for your vegetable garden

For cooking enthusiasts who want to enjoy many aromatic plants at home, URBAN CUISINE has created a Connected and customizable indoor vegetable garden ! This vegetable garden will allow you to grow twenty plants of your choice all year round and simultaneously.

If you don't have a lot of time to devote to your plants, don't worry the Vegetable Garden is optimized. All settings such as temperature and humidity are automated thanks to a system integrated into the Vegetable Garden to guarantee the growth of all your plants!

Made of wood, it will be discreet in your apartment or house while bringing an original touch to your interior!

What varieties of aromatic plants to grow in your vegetable garden?

Thyme , basil , rosemary , parsley , chives , dill, oregano, tarragon, coriander , chervil, mint ... There are so many varieties to grow in your vegetable patch!

No worries for city dwellers! Herbs grow very well indoors . You just need to make sure that all of your plants are exposed to the minimum sun to grow properly.

So many aromatic plants that you can use to enhance many cold or hot dishes, based on vegetables or fruits, in winter as in summer! Herbs will bring taste, freshness and quality to all your recipes.

How to care for aromatic herbs?

Here is a list of actions to maintain your aromatic herbs:

  1. In order to promote the growth of your plants, you will first have to sow your seeds or your Cultivation Clods in a container that will be adapted to the plant. Indeed, some varieties called "invasive" have important roots requiring a pot with a depth of at least 40 cm. We advise you to inquire beforehand to have the appropriate equipment for each plant.
  2. To grow properly, each aromatic herb has specific needs for water and natural light.
  3. If you are new to gardening, we advise you to plant each herb in a different container or plant together herbs with similar needs. Indeed, it will be easier for you when you have to water them or move them to expose them to the sun.
  1. For the majority of your crops, it will be necessary to ensure that the Root Ball remains moist and that it benefits from the sun for at least a few hours daily.

URBAN CUISINE offers you to cultivate five aromatic herbs that are easy to maintain: Green Mint, Great Green Basil, Flat Parsley , Common Chives and Cultivated Coriander .

aromatic herb pots

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